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How to make your house a home… 

I never have really thought of myself as any type of decorator, and really I am NOT. But I’ve noticed some say they love the little touches in our home! And after doing some research ( and by that, I mean strolling my house, looking for ‘touches’) I realized, those friends are exactly right! It’s the little ‘touches’ that make a house a home. And not anything fancy, or being perfectly put-together, because we are definitely NOT, but just the little things that make us happy and feel a little more connected! 

Just ask Joanna Gaines!  One thing I notice she always does, is try to add something special to the family-whether that be a tub passed down from generations, old family photos, a map local to the area, or a metal sign with their favorite quote. Jo always adds something special. And I wanted to give you a glimpse into a few of my favorite things. Que Julie Andrews ” When the dog bites, when the bee stings……” Get used to it guys, I am a song quote fanatic and they will pop up all over the blog 🙂 

“Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start” Ok sorry, Julie is ringing in my head now…But really-the front area when you come in our house is a favorite! My husband made us a simple coat rack, that happens to house about 50 coats and 12 bags at all times. Beside the point. Also, notice the sweet key my hubby surprised me with..It has our initials carved in each end-How cute is that??? Notice too, precious pictures of our littles to warm up the space. Here is a “real life pic” with some of our coats and bags. Also-slightly grainy-please forgive me. Ok, Now scroll on past that one, and lets talk photos.  You noticed the picture on my first blog post?? To say I am TOTALLY SMITTEN with that picture is an understatement. It was taken by a local photographer here in good old Knoxville, TN. Her name is Hayley Harper and she does amazing work!  Click here for her website. Hit her up with any photo needs, and she will hook you up! As time goes on, I will post some more of her amazing pictures-but for now-my favorite! 

 I cant stress it enough y’all- get family pictures taken. And when you do- print them! How often do we get pictures taken (or if we are fortunate enough, actually take a decent one ourselves) and then don’t print it! It’s stuck on our phone somewhere–heaven forbid it be in the cloud–and no one ever gets to enjoy it? So go now. See Hayley. Get Photos. Print them. 

Here again-a touch. I love frames. “Big ones, small ones, some the size of your head!” See, again-songs- I can’t help myself-its really a disease. But in all honesty, this is a favorite space in my house. I have frames like this on either side of my makeup table. One of these days  I will get the courage to post a picture of it-but for now-lets pretend its pristine and organized. **Spoiler-it’s NOT**

What I was getting at, this frame-inside-of-a-frame thing….So fun! And another little touch that makes my house a home! 

The next area, is a spot on my dresser -reserved for the wild boys+dainties. I know-serious contradiction but something has to balance the crazies out 😉  The hubbs built me this crate, I fell in love, and had to use it in our room. Thus, the dainty+wild boy corner. Another fun touch. 

From here on out you should probably know–I am obsessed with this husband of mine. He builds things, he fixes things, he has a heart of gold, he adores my grandparents, he is a true best friend –really I could go on, and at some point I will–but for now, let’s leave it at “He is THE GREATEST.” So look throughout the blog for some fun nicknames “Hubbs, hubby, hunk, the man, the handy man, the hot one,” etc throughout the blog. Just embrace it y’all. Its going to happen. 

Ok back to the post. This is my mug rack. It is my baby. I am obsessed. I love it. I love it. I LOVE IT. 

Hubbs made me this one day in the middle of a personal dilemma. Here was the thought process…” I love this frame/board and want to hang it here. But I really need a mug rack over the coffee nook. What  should I do?” Que the handyman. “Why don’t I just make a mug rack out of the frame?!” Umm.. yes. How about you do that?  A short time later and I have this amazing rack that serves as such a conversation piece over coffee with friends! Thank goodness for the hunk with a brain. 
Each and every mug means something special to me, and if you were one of the givers, you know why 🙂 

Can you guess which is my favorite? 

Lastly, the whole blog post here (or rant-whatever you want to call it) was to inspire maybe SOMEONE  to get creative with your space! Enjoy where you are and make it a little more lovey. Use pieces that mean something! Do things that other people may think are weird. GO FOR IT. Just use “a few of your favorite things…” -ok Last Julie quote. Promise. For now 😉


6 thoughts on “How to make your house a home… 

  1. I love, love, love the mug rack. I have been looking for something like this because several friends have given me mugs as gifts and I want to look at them every day. I need to make this rack happen in my life.

    The best decorating advice i have received was from a friend who loves decorating and has amazing taste, but it’s very country chic which isn’t my style. However, her house is perfectly put together for her family! Anyway she said, when you see something you like, buy it. If you really love it you’ll find the perfect spot. And if you don’t, return it or pass it on or whatever. I’ve started doing this and kind of trusting my gut and started to really love my own weird taste!

    Great start girly. Consider me inspired.


    1. AHHH so glad! I love the idea to buy it if you love it-even I hesitate over it sometimes-but that is awesome advice! Thanks for the love doll 🙂


  2. Girl…I’m loving this blog! You’re such a good writer 🙂 Also, I adore your decor style and I also try and channel Mrs. Gaines when I make design decisions in my home. Hence the recent installation of shiplap in our kitchen (With plans to do the majority of the house to cover previous owners wallpaper choices…lol!) Keep it up! I look forward to more posts from you. 😘


    1. Me? A good writer? Noooo…I just write exactly what is on my mind when it’s on my mind. But in theory, I think that is the beauty in it!


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