Simple Moisturizers

For as long as I can remember, I have had problematic skin. And no matter what I bought, NOTHING worked. And for years, I had extremely oily skin. But now, were reaching the opposite side of the spectrum (Im pushing 30 here people) YIKES. That being said, I need some serious moisture on this face. I also have realized, my skin responds better to the all natural items you can buy for next to nothing- and they last forever!

My first and all time FAVORITE-is coconut oil. I know, its huge right now. But really-the stuff works. I SLATHER it on my face at night before bed! I also use it on my elbows, knees, etc. (Stay tuned for a post where i give you all my coconut oil uses)  Trader Joe’s has my favorite!

Speaking of Trader Joe’s, let’s talk Vitamin E oil. Its a super-oil in my opinion. I coat my face with it at night, and wake with plump, supple skin- Its a moisture miracle! IMG_0741This is great in the tub, in face scrubs, and an amazing wrinkle fighter! Let’s start young right?

I’m obsessed with this oil (as you can tell, it’s almost empty.) That being said, this stuff is only $4.00 a bottle and lasted me over 6 months–ummm…WIN.   Let me know what you use it for in the comments below!


One thought on “Simple Moisturizers

  1. Smittenwiththree,
    While I was in Africa I severely burned my hand and arm. Being that I was in Africa, I didn’t have many options for treatment. So-google I went! I found that vitamin E oil is great for burns. (But NOT 3rd degree burns) So after applying honey-I stayed awake the rest of the night slathering myself with vitamin E oil. (Trader Joes) The following day I went to the clinic. The doctor said the extra moisture helped my skin to heal faster. Now-I am all healed up. Love that stuff! I thought for sure it would leave a terrible scar-but here we are 3 months later and you would never know. Except my skin is super sensitive now and if i am in the sun ANY amount of time-I feel it. Other than that-It’s all good.


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