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Smitten With Three


Oh my gosh-where to begin??

I’ve had this inkling for the longest time. I think about it at night….. when I get up in the morning,….when I’m doing my makeup….when my boys are acting crazy . “I should blog this. I need a blog.”

So here we are! My name is Brandi Kuch (pronounced “Cook”). I’m married with two wild boys, Ford and Cash. I’m sure you will see the term “wild boys” throughout the rest of my posts, but know it’s really a term of endearment. ‘Wild’ in the fact that the keep mama bear on her toes and well-they’re boys!

But anyways, I have this serious inclination to share all of my little ideas, hacks, feelings, emotions, breakdowns, happiness, creative moments, milestones, etc with the world. So please, follow this Southern Belle’s  journey and maybe pick up a few tips+tricks along the way 🙂


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