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Beauty Hacks-Broken makeup

Earlier today, I have a friend over-She is going through her makeup and says “You have to swatch this highlighter. I’ve been looking everywhere for it and I FINALLY found it……” Literally, as she is saying this- It totally breaks. Everywhere. First thought– Now I have to buy her a new highlighter. Which really doens’t bother me because-makeup shopping 🙂  But quickly, I remember I have seen this on Pinterest somewhere and now I finally have a chance to try it! 

From what I have researched, this should work pretty well with almost any powder makeup- and the highlighter worked great! So check it out-all it takes is some alcohol. Dont hit the liquor cabinet-let’s go the bathroom cabinet for this one. Grab this.  Before the alcohol, just kind of squish the broken powder into even smaller pieces ( I know-what a mess.) I used the same toothbrush from the jewelry cleaner tutorial-just use the other end! Or maybe a small cuticle stick, popsicle stick-just whatever you have handy! 

Now pour just enough of your alcohol into the pan of crumbled makeup to get it wet and mix it all around. 
Here is the makeup disaster…… 

And after mixing the alcohol+makeup, you see it looks a little goopy. Trust the process though, and let it dry. The highlighter to the right is the same one -just you know….all pretty and unbroken. (My sis-in-law happened to be here and had the same HL with her! This stuff must be good yall) 

Also, she wasn’t kidding-this is so beautiful! And for all who aren’t familiar with using highlighters, just sweep a little bit on the top of your cheeks toward your hairline. And a little dab on the tip of the nose will do wonders! 

This one is ‘Precious Petals’ by Wet N Wild. Cheap alternative to some of the higher end ones and totally worth your moo-lah. Click Here  For the website and search “Precious Petals”. It;s only 4.99!!!! 

Let me know if you have ever tried this, and feel free to let me know some of your favorite highlighters in the comments dolls! 


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