Here is the scoop on this blogger….

So I love to learn more about the lives of the bloggers I follow-something about it makes me feel like I know them personally- and that makes me more inclined to stay on board with them! And sometimes, you just can’t know enough through blog posts. So let me introduce myself to the ones who don’t know me-and for those who do-sit back and maybe you will soak up some fun new facts about me….
1. I am not a writer. Yea, I know. I started a blog and I am not a writer..Even when I was in school, I made pretty darn good grades, loved learning, loved grammar, loved every aspect of school-except for writing. But something about writing straight from my brain, whatever I want to say is quite freeing and maybe you will somewhat see how my little mind works! Scary territory here ya’ll. 

2. I ❀ Justin Bieber songs. Like really-I feel like most of the time i scrolling through radio stations looking for JB songs. It’s bad. #noshame #butreallyitsshameful 

3. That being said, I am a huge music lover. I analyze song lyrics to a weird extent. I want to know if there are hidden meanings behind certain lyrics, what emotion was REALLY trying to be shown when certain words were said, or what stage in life this artist was going through when singing the song. I also love when people shoot me a Text and say to look up this new album, or this new artist! I do, though, feel like I am getting old and only listen to mainstream music now and I kinda/sorta break inside thinking about that. 

4. More music fun-I love to sing. Like-LOVE TO SING. When I got married and moved out, I remember my mom mentioning how sad it was that there wasn’t constant singing going on in the house anymore. Growing up-my dad was HUGE into music. Every time a song came on, I had approximately 1/10th of a second to identify who sang the song and what it was called before he said it. I usually lost-but man-good memories. πŸ™‚ My fam always sang in the car and at the house, but never really anywhere else-so no one knew our obsession! Funny how such big parts of our lives can be hidden from everyone else, huh? But now, I am always singing with my wild boys (all three of them). We are singin’ fools ya’ll! I love to start a lyric and the Hubbs to finish it, even when we are on opposite sides of the house. Way cute and makes me smile every time! He is notorious for breaking out into our wedding song quite often, and sometimes even pulling me aside to dance *Swoon*. At any rate, you can see how huge music is for our family and I take pride in that πŸ™‚ 

5. We take more weekend trips than any family I know-but we are aren’t considered travelers. We drive 5 1/2 hours to see my husbands family all the time in Ohio! We just got back last week-and leaving again on Friday. Its madness, but we truly love it. 

6. I truly think I am closer to my grandparents than anyone I know. And please don’t be offended by that comment as I know, so many people are close with their G-parents. But really, I see mine several times a week. Papaw calls me a few times a day and Granny keeps in touch with me via Instagram! No joke, earlier today, she was sitting on the couch adjacent to me, and left a comment on my Instagram as we were talking. She is fab by the way. More to come on those crazy grandparents later. 

7. When I was pregnant with my both of my kids, all I craved was sweet tea and macaroni and cheese. Like-blue box, processed, cheesy, buttery, Mac n’ cheese goodness. Also-super embarrassing- when I was pregnant with my second baby, I used to eat whole boxes by myself for lunch. Can we maybe just keep that a secret? I know, I was a piggy-just look at the pics. Maybe I will share those one day! All that being said, to this day, my kids favorite things are still macaroni+sweet tea. Add in donuts, and this would be the chosen meal every day if I would allow it. 

8. I have a serious makeup obsession. Like-hurts my heart to walk out of a makeup store empty handed (which doesn’t happen too often.) Can’t wait to share some of my favorite products/looks with you dolls! 

9. I wear headbands tied with bows on them most days. And this is a serious dilemma I have with the world. Little girls can wear big bows on their head every day and it’s fine. At what age does that become unacceptable? I don’t know-but I don’t care. I will wear my headbands (that I made myself) with my bows and fun patterns til I am old and wrinkly and everyone can just deal with me. *stomps foot and crosses arms**

10. Getting married/having kids was nothing like I expected/everything I ever hoped for all boxed up with a nice big pink bow on it. (Just like the ones in my hair) I love this husband and kiddos so much and can’t wait for all you dolls to meet them. Get ready for some sweetness with sugar on top. 

For kicks and giggles, 

11. I hear I am pretty southern and have been called a Southern Belle a time or two. I don’t hate it. πŸ™‚ 
Any questions you have for me? I want to hear! 


2 thoughts on “Here is the scoop on this blogger….

    1. Rain on my neck. It seems crazy -but really- I hate it!! Also, I am super impatient with people who are continually late. I can’t handle it!!!!! I’m trying to work on it, but that’s a great way to make my blood boil 😀


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