30 second DIY -jewelry cleaner

I pride myself on knowing I can accomplish things at home. By myself. On a dime.

SO prepare yourself for lots of beauty tips, makeup looks, and at home remedies.

Today, I wanted to share with you one of my most used tips-Cleaning my wedding rings! I absolutely ADORE my rings, and we are 8+ years in now. I love everything they symbolize, the timeless look, and the fact that my husband gave me something I will always have, just warms my heart!

That being said, I really like to keep them clean! One day before an event, I was in a pinch, and needed to clean my not-so-shiny ring. I proceeded to randomly grab an old toothbrush, and my good ol’ target brand pump soap, and scrub. And wouldn’t you know it, the ring SPARKLED like the Crown Jewels. Here is the process….

1. Grab and old toothbrush

2. Apply your soap.

3. Scrub.

Here is the before: (After my 100th lotion application today)

During: (Scrub away ladies!!!)

And the after: (I wish you could see it shine in person! The sparkle is real ya’ll. )

That’s it! Instead of buying those fancy ring cleaners, grab one of the kids old toothbrushes and use whatever pump soap you have on hand. You will notice such a difference in 30 seconds! Try it out and let me know what you think yall.


2 thoughts on “30 second DIY -jewelry cleaner

  1. Mom just asked how in the world i got 2 smart daughters. Where did they come from, she said?. Lol definitely not from me i said and she agreed. 😅😅


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