Top Coconut Oil uses

Guys-Coconut oil. The super oil. The oil phenomenon. The holy grail of oils. Catch my drift? This stuff is amazing! People are using it now more than ever, and for good reason! It can be used for EVERYTHING and I want you to hop on the wagon tonight!

img_0750-1This is the one I use at the moment, but I normally ONLY BUY from Trader Joe’s. Don’t ask me why, its just my favorite. It costs around $5-6.00 and is amazing!

1. Makeup Remover

This may be my favorite use! Just grab a cotton swab or cotton pad (I’ve even used a little wad of TP before) and dip it in the jar. I leave it on my eyes for about 3 seconds and then gently swipe. If not the first swipe, then by the second, all makeup is gone! It is safe for the sensitive eye area and perfect to take off stubborn lipsticks. It’s also a cheap alternative to using pricey makeup removers that can cost upwards of $30.00+.

Tip* I scoop a little of the oil into a smaller container and keep it in the bathroom. This is more sanitary and now I can use the big jar for cooking!
2. Moisturizer

Remember how much I love vitamin E oil to moisturize at night? Well, before I started that, I was an avid coconut oil user. I would smooosh this all over my face until I was almost dripping-and sleep in it. Try it! You will wake up with supple skin and it can be used head to toe.

3. Cooking/Baking

Try some fun recipes with coconut oil! It can withstand high heat and adds a fun flavor to your dishes. Works great in baking yummy comfort foods too..Give it a go ya’ll!

4. Hair conditioner

When I have a day at home- I love to do an all day hair mask. I melt the coconut oil in the microwave and then add a little olive oil . Coat your hair and cover with a shower cap! Now pour a glass of wine and throw on a face mask, and sit. Leave it on overnight if you wish, or as long as you can go throughout the day! I recommend washing your hair twice, and keep away from the roots-especially if you have a oily scalp.

5. In your coffee

Sometimes I put it in my coffee for a nice nutrient boost! I have friend who puts some in her coffee and then blends it–and it makes a super fun froth on your coffee. How fancy is that?

6. Wood conditioner

We have wood countertops in our bathroom and every so often i like to give the counter a good drench in coconut oil and it gives the wood a nice shine!

7. Brush those pearly whites!

And if they aren’t so pearly, brush with coconut oil! It makes your teeth sparkle! Just brush as normal, and then do a coconut oil brush. No need to rinse.

8. Face Mask

Mix with baking soda for a great face mask! It helps remove blackheads, shrinks pores, and exfoliates. 1 part baking soda + 1 part coconut oil and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off for glowing skin!

These are my favorite uses, but my goodness there are so many! Try these out and let me know what you think! If you are a fan, please share+pin on Pinterest!


2 thoughts on “Top Coconut Oil uses

  1. For pet owners – our vet recommended it for our pit with dry skin. She gets a spoonful in her food and we also rub it directly on her (esp her hairless belly) after a bath!

    Love coconut oil 😍


    1. Yes! It’s also great for the pads of their feet! I love the idea of putting it in her food though, I’ve never heard of that one. Thanks for the input!!


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