Mommy burnout is a real thing….

Prepare yourselves: I am about to get real vulnerable up in here. This mommy burnout thing? Turns out its true. I can honestly say, as a parent of one- I NEVER experienced it. Other moms would talk about it. “I am so stressed” was one of the main comments I remember hearing . And to be honest-I almost/kind of judged those moms for a minute. I know right? I’m AWFUL OK. But really, you have to understand, this first child of mine–he was a breeze. And  I was told that from Day 1-and I didn’t appreciate it. I enjoyed every single second we had together. He never cried. He was always smiling. He was so intelligent! I just didn’t understand why these other parents were so stressed!! Then baby number 2 came along. Really, he was  a good baby too! I loved being a mom to 2 kids, and I thought it was easy-for a while. I can even remmber telling a friend how SIMPLE it was to have two kids! I’m telling you-a cakewalk!

I quickly realized-being outnumbered wasn’t always easy. I forgot-they start crawling. And walking. And talking. And getting feisty. It’s so funny how quickly we forget. Classic example-childbirth. “Oh, I will never go through this again! It was horrible! Pain was excruciating. That hospital food-ugh.” 2 years later-BOOM. “I am so happy to be pregnant! This is amazing!” You know the rest……

But at some point (and I cant really remember when this started), with two kiddos, I had days where all I did was cry. It was hitting me-all of these moms who talked about being burnt out-weren’t crazy . It was real. I remember one day specifically, Dale coming home from work, and all I wanted to do was let loose. I needed every emotion to spill out. But I didn’t-at that very moment. Later that night, against my will-the waterworks.  All the tears-all the emotion. I told him I was so stressed over it all. Everything went wrong that day ( ironically-now I can’t remember a single detail of what actually happened .) And to make it worse-my husband didn’t understand.

He assumed since  I was able to  stay at home with our kids, that it should all be peachy. He told me how fortunate I was to be able to stay home with our two amazing little boys-and how that is his dream-to be a stay-at-home dad! He asked me what happened to make the day so bad, and I ran through all of the little things that happened. (Turns out, those little things are all the normal day-to-day things that manage to happen every day. ) But I didn’t care. I tried to explain that I thought I was going through what other moms described as “Mommy burnout”. AND I HATED IT. It hurt me that I wasn’t enjoying my kids nonstop. It hurt me that I couldn’t explain it. It hurt me that I wasn’t this perfect Mom that I assumed I should have been! And my poor husband had to deal with my craziness and complaining. Poor guy, he is so sweet and tried so hard to understand-but just couldn’t. He really is the best and tried to help-but I guess it was one of those things you just have to experience and work your way out of yourself.

Ok back to it—-This went on for a week or so-where I thought my kids were being terrible. I thought it was ALL them. Soon enough, I realized-they were just being kids! Now, I am not discounting the burnout thing-that is definitely real. It wears you down. You want to cry nonstop. I understand. But that week, I tried to readjust MY attitude. I took my kids out and did allllllll the fun stuff.(Again, I can’t remember what those fun things were.)  I found things to keep my mind busy. I indulged in my hobbies.(AKA -sewing)  I got a facial. That last one-IMPORTANT.  Always indulge in the facial 🙂

But I wanted all you mommas to know- you aren’t alone. Mommy burnout happens. You are NOT a bad mom. You are allowed to cry. You are allowed to complain. You are allowed to get burnt out. Just quickly-readjust! Pray! Go outside, Sit by yourself. Drink coffee. It changes your outlook-not kidding!

Mommy’s attitude sets the tone for the house-remember that! So next time you are having a bad week, reflect on the good moments. The smiles. Those cute little giggles and moments when your boys only want to cuddle with their momma. *I am a sucker for a cuddly tot.*

That all being said , I can honestly say I haven’t felt this way in a LONG time. So if you are one of the mums going through this RIGHT NOW-just know, this too shall pass. Pretty soon, you will be back in your groove thang and moving right along!

If need be, send me an email! I would love to send some love your way 🙂

All the love yall…..



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