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Top 7 ways to save at Target

Dear Target, 

I can’t imagine life without you and need you to know how important you are to me. You keep me sane-and at the same time save my dough. Why is it that when I walk in your front doors, I am instantly at peace? Why are you the reason I want to stay living at this same house forever? Oh that’s right, you that dreamy store that just happens to be exactly 7 minutes away, and is the perfect getaway for any Momma  looking for a relaxing shopping experience with the tiny humans. Or maybe we just need a little “Me time”, and you know what? You are always there for us. Always. So here are the reasons I will continue to run to you for all my little needs and wants and sometimes guilty indulgences.

                                                                                                            Yours truly, 

                                                                                                             Smitten With Target 
Ok, Ok so you walked in on my ode to Target, but really, I don’t need to tell you it’s the most amazing place to shop. In fact, I love it so much, I want to share with you my TOP 7 reasons to continue to shop there-and it will be even cheaper than shopping at that not-so-dreamy rival store. So please, grab a glass of wine, throw your feet up, and soak in some important tips to saving money at Target! 

1. Redcard

Going through the checkout line, what’s the million dollar question? “Will you be paying with your Redcard today?” Thankfully, now I always say yes. And you should be saying yes too. You can choose to get either the credit or debit card-and every single purchase will immediately be an extra 5% off. It doesn’t seem like much in the beginning, but it adds up so quickly! I promise! Especially on your bigger purchases like TV’s, Game systems, patio furniture, etc. Just check the bottom of your receipt every purchase to see what you have saved. We chose to go with the debit card as it comes directly out of our account and no worries as to another bill.  Another thing-sometimes your Redcard will score you in-store freebies. One week last year, every day you shopped you got a free drink from the cafe. The next week, you got free popcorn-every trip.  It was a huge help shopping with the littles, and Target just gave me another reason to stop in and shop-Score! 

2. Cartwheel

Ok-this is another IMPORTANT list item. Cartwheel will quickly turn into one of your most used apps-and one that will save you the most money. Just download from your smartphone, sign in, and start saving. Each item in Carthweel will be marked 5-60% off. It’s awesome!!!!! Certain items each week will be marked down and it is ever changing! (Check every day, as some items will be a pretty hot buy and will only last a few days.) But a few you can almost always expect-are Market Pantry items (Target’s store brand). So scroll through all the items in the app, if you wish, and add what you think you will use. As a new user, you will get to pick 10 different items to get at the discount listed. The more you buy, the more items you will get to unlock and use. I am up to 50 now (which is the max) and it is a MAJOR help when shopping for groceries. 

So far, I have saved $293.00 just by using Cartwheel every Target trip! Another great part of the app is the barcode scanner. I scan every item in my cart to see if it will be any extra percent off-and really-most times there is! Last trip, I threw the dog food in the cart, then scanned the barcode to find out it was an extra 15% off! Huge help! I screenshot a few area of the app so you can see the setup.


When you are ready to check out, just click the cart at the bottom and show the cashier your barcode. Watch that price drop and do your happy dance girls. 

3. Coupons

I love to use my coupons at Target! Manufacturer coupons+Target coupons are STACKABLE guys! This makes for some seriously great deals throughout the store. You can also stack your coupons with Cartwheel offers-like-OMG all the heart eyes over here ya’ll.  Think about it Redcard+Carthwheel+Target coupons+Manufacturer coupons=Serious savings. 

4. Clearance. 

Ok here’s the scene. Date night with the husband. Dinner is over and HE wants to stroll Target. *Yes he is drool worthy*  We get in and I am just following like a little puppy at this point-just happy we are together and alone-and of course,  at  🎯 . He is strolling aisles, but skipping ALL THE CLEARANCE ENDCAPS! No joke, after walking maybe 5 minutes, I go into panic mode and I frantically start saying, ” DALE-YOU ARE DOING THIS ALL WRONG. WE’RE SKIPPING ALL THE CLEARANCE. THERE IS A WHOLE SYSTEM TO WALKING THROUGH TARGET!!” He also happens to be a huge deal shopper and says ” Well I don’t come here enough! I don’t know what I’m doing. Where’s the clearance?!?” So we proceed to hit every clearance endcap in the store. And my heart sang a little. 

Moral of the story-Don’t skip the endcaps. They are full of super clearance jewels that will turn themselves into gifts for friends and family, party supplies, road trip snacks, etc. It’s a beautiful thing really. 

I also always hit the clothes clearance racks as they will be chock full of cheap buys for the entire family-and Oh so cute! So hit up the clearance racks ya’ll. It’s worth your time.  *Sometimes cartwheel does extra 20% off clearance clothes and shoes for the family so keep an eye out!* 

5. Gift Card Deals 

These are great deals for household items! Target runs deals all the time Buy 2-get a $5.00/$10.00 gift card. Or Buy three get a $20.00 gift card. One of my favorite ways to use this deal-Diapers. Target brand has some of my favorite diapers for the price.Combine  that with a gift card offer and we’re golden. Another fantastic deal with the gift card offer is toilet paper! Cottonelle is our favorite (I know-getting personal here) and you can use a Manufacturer coupon with the GC deal and score some serious savings. Keep your eyes peeled for these deals! 

6. Price Match

 Find a good deal online but don’t want to wait for shipping? Or notice Target’s price is a tad higher than other stores? Price match! Customer service will do this for you on a little device they keep up front. Just tell them where you saw the lower deal and they will price adjust. Find the complete list of price match stores HERE.

7. Dollar Spot

As soon you walk in the door, you will notice a little display of fun, cheap items for the whole family. It differs from month to month, but you may catch planner accessories, toys, beach items, seasonal gifts, household decor, and party items! The prices range from $1.00-$5.00 and make great gift closet items. Keep checking in as sometimes these items go on super clearance and I have seen them as low as 10 cents! Awesome deal !! 
There are so many ways to save your pennies by shopping at Target! Keep all these ideas in mind, and let me know what deals you find!  What is your favorite way to save at Target? 


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