To all the teenage girls…

I went to get my hair done today (for the second day in a row.. Ill save that story for later) and happened to be surrounded by teenage girls. Just being there for those few short hours made me remember-being a teenager is rough. Especially a teenage girl. SO many obstacles. SOOO many emotions. And I couldn’t help but feel bad for those girls! They all seemed so unhappy (or catty however you would like to say it) and it shouldn’t be that way! We are supposed to enjoy those teenage years right? 

Welllllll, I think we are supposed to to. But 99% of the time, that isn’t how it goes. Teenage girls are mean. And teenage boys are stupid. So girls, I need you to know a few things.

1. Boys are the worst

Ok, some of them are awesome–like OMG the one I have *Swoon*. But I want you to wait. I know when you are 16 and dealing with boys breaking your hearts already (which–whoa–slow down y’all) it’s so hard not to get down on yourself and every male. But they get better. WIth time. They get cuter and sweeter and so much more mature. So stay away from them for a while and …….see number 2. 

2. Enjoy time with your girls. 

Make friends-the true kind. Not the awful back stabbing ones….. You know the true ones. They aren’t bad mouthing other people to you. When I was 15-17, I was hanging out with all my girl friends every weekend. And every chance I got! I loved those people, and some of them ended up in my wedding πŸ™‚ I’m still friends with them today, and hope that continues forever!  

At one point in my life I had this toxic friend who always treated me bad–always–and I couldn’t see it! Everyone wanted to know why I hung out with her…. and I couldn’t understand why everyone didn’t love her. (Love is blind people) But she used me, and lied to me–ALOT. Now I know-stay away from those people. Even now, I have a select few that I confide in and one of those is my sister. If you don’t have a sister-get one. Ok maybe that isn’t doable–so you can just get in touch with me. K?

3. Make older friends

I have a few youngin’s who always come around and I LOVE IT. We meet for coffee+shopping dates and I get to give my words of wisdom. And I LOVE IT. I think they may keep me young. And I LOVE IT. You know who you are girls–and its about time for a coffee date, so come on over:)  Moral of the story: Find you someone who is a little older. Confide in them. Be with them. It will mature you and mor than likely-no crazy drama. *Side note-at what age or point in life did I become the old person to confide in?? *

4. Love your skin

It’s so hard to look around and all these models are stick thin and perfect teeth and hair blowing in the wind. That isn’t real and you need to love yourself now! Believe me, your almost 30 year old self is going to look back and say “Man I wish I appreciated the way I looked then.” Speaking from experience here y’all. You are perfect and beautiful and make so many people happy. And I ❀ you. Kiss Kiss. 

5. Bust social Media

 It messes with you. It messes with your mind to only see photo-shop perfection all the time. It messes with your soul to only see fake models with no cellulite and no frizzies all day err’ day. While we’re at it-unfollow all those mushy couples too. THEY AREN’T REAL. I guarantee you, those ones who try so hard to show perfection alllll the time-are the unhappiest. They have to justify their sad state with all these followers and likes–and behind the scenes, they are probably the most miserable. Now I know that some of them are genuinely happy–but learn the difference. And don’t you compare your life to ANYONE on social media. Everyone has a vice. Everyone gets sad. No one is perfect. Remember that! #idonttrustperfection

6. Enjoy it

Before you know it, the young days are over. PLEASE, I beg of you, enjoy it. Take it slow. Travel. Make true friends. Try not to gossip. Write someone a letter. Go visit your grandparents. Take mental pictures of the important moments. Get a journal. Read. Cuddle puppies. Show all the love. 

All the love for you girls.
 Please share with anyone who needs some love yall πŸ™‚ 


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