Summertime Outfits

For some–thinking about summertime attire is anything but sunny and sweet. Trying to decide what to wear can be stressful and tiresome-but I’m here to help! I want your style to be simple and effortless-today and every day! Follow along for some of my summertime favs..

Boho Chic Tops

Yall -this is the summer of flowy tops. So if you are ANY bit uncomfortable with our body-go grab a few of these Boho Chic tops. They don’t cling, aren’t hot, and are super feminine. All winners in my book. 

I bought the top at JCP a couple months back–so you may be able to find it on SUPER clearance now.  Check your local stores. If not-go with Kohls, Francesca’s, Bliss, and of course, Target! Keep in mind-Target offers free shipping! A great way to save and shop from your couch 😉

These shorts are my summer go-to this year! Who doesn’t love lace and a little stretchy denim? I bought these at my local Ross and OMG they are so dreamy. You will see visit them again in about 2 seconds…. (DISCLAIMER** This body isn’t perfect. It never will be. I don’t care. I choose to wear shorts and the cellulite can show all day. Boom. Said it.) 


I love me a cute graphic tank+tee. Some of the ones on Etsy right now are brilliant. Check out Fickle Fox on Etsy for some of the funniest tees+raglans you have ever seen. I love them! I got my Mama Bear tank from her and its perfect. So soft. And the gold foil look is right up my ‘bling-y’ alley. 

Notice the shorts again? Yeah-I love them. So what. I would wear them every day if I could keep up with laundry in this mad house.. My advice? Go grab some NOW. 

Flowy Dresses

I am in love with this dress. It’s so flattering!! I’m telling you this would make anyone look good. I get compliments every time I wear it out and even my grandfather told me, “that dress looks real nice on you.” Whoa! I’ll take it. 

The length is great and its SO SOFT! It reminds me of the Lularoe fabric I am seeing everywhere. I bought mine from a little boutique (I can’t find the name of it anywhere–SO SORRY GIRLS! ) but I am thinking-any little hometown boutique should carry something like it!

 Check out this pic–I was having an epic stare down with a local Florida lizard at the time. See him??  Fun times yall. 

*Side note* Am I the only one totally intrigued with all the lizards around Florida? I never caught a single one-but tried way more times than I should probably admit. 

Also–LOVING these 50’s inspired shades. My sister thinks they are terrible ugly//my grandmother thinks they are gorgeous. I think I’ll trust Granny’s judgement. They are so fun and timeless! I was seriously born in the wrong decade. I want all the vintage+vintage inspired items. 

Don’t you notice the cat eye frames coming back in style? And super round lenses with fun frames? I see them everywhere and love them! At any given time, I am known to have 8-10 pairs of sunglasses in my car/on my person. It’s a problem. But for some reason, I lose them all at once and have to buy new pairs all at once. Hey hey–what’s wrong with a little sunglasses addiction?? 

While we are at it, here is a pic of another favorite 

I LOVE how mirrored these are! I bought them at Kohl’s and they are the cutest! Go grab a pair y’all. Or two. 🙂 

One of my FAVORITE PLACES to buy sunglasses is Dollar tree! Did you notice the aviators in the Mama Bear tee? You got it-they are from Dollar tree and come in 2 colors. Silver and gold! Go grab them both now! 


I am a sucker for a big headband–like- I want to wear those massive bows like the 1 year olds wear-and I wan’t to rock them so hard. Wellllll, until that becomes acceptable, I will just wear my smaller version headbands. I make them myself (I have bought a few) and love to have them in every print possible! I love my gingham and floral ones best. 

Don’t be nervous! They are so cute and a fun fashion statement for any outfit. Even just a tee and shorts! 

This pic combines all of my favs! I look all sorts of crazy-but check it out! Headband+Flowy tank+lace shorts=Outfit Bliss. –Cash wasnt’ feeling this pic (obvi) but eeeek!!! His hat! Get it on Etsy here. —

Try the headband out dolls. You got this. Own it! 

Ball caps

This pic isn’t great quality, but you get the drift. I love to steal the Hubb’s baseball caps and rock ’em out. It’s perfect for gross hair days, and keeps the sun away! Double score. 

This was date night with my kiddo and we both had to sport Daddy’s team of course 😉 

At any rate, we love the hats and you should try them out! If you don’t like your hubby’s-go to your local boutique and grab a super girly one! I love all these UT ones around. While you are at it–know you are shopping small and supporting a local family. I am ALL FOR IT. 

So these are just a few of my summer time favs–I may add some more soon. What do you think??? Will you try any of these this summer? 


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