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Postpartum Reality

Y’all, if there has ever been a blog post I want to share, this is it. Having a baby is the greatest joy you will EVER experience. Hands down. But, let me tell you, it isn’t all sunshine and butterflies.

Why does no one ever tell you how dang HARD it is after the baby comes. And I don’t mean the sleepless nights and endless diaper changes. That all deals with baby. I am talking how you will feel. It ain’t pretty ladies. But here is the cold-hard truth……

1. You are going to cry

When I say you are going to cry, I mean, you are going to flood the floor. You thought you cried a lot when pregnant? Well this is 100 x’s worse. (At least for me it was.)

I remember when I had Ford, I cried every single night rocking him to sleep, and the song “You’re gonna miss this” played in my head nonstop. (I still refuse to listen to it because it hits me right in the feels.) I would think about him growing up and getting married and I would just sob. (Seriously, he was 2 weeks old and all I could think about was him getting MARRIED. Insane.)

With Cash I cried, but it wasn’t as bad. Callaway was different in that I just had a mini breakdown. I had no reason at all, other than I felt like crying. My sister was here and I remember her coming in the room and asking what was wrong…I told her to leave and she just walked to the living room and told Dale ” You may want to go deal with that. She is having a breakdown.” Hahahaha now it’s funny but then all I could do was cry. No reason. Just cry.

2. The bleeding is unreal

Its like a period that lasts 5 weeks. And you don’t just bleed. You lose these huge nasty clots that make you want to vomit. I passed one the size of an egg (the doc told me to call if I pass one the size of an egg) and so I called, to which she said, “They now changed it to, ‘Call us if it is the size of an orange’. WHO THE MESS IS PASSING CLOTS THE SIZE OF AN ORANGE? At any rate, you see what I am getting at. You pass some nasty jazz in those first few weeks. Get ready for it.

3. Pain like you can’t describe

It’s all over once you get that amazing little baby laid on your chest, right? WRONG. True, once you get to hold that miracle, all the pain before goes away. But it all starts back up soon after, and continues for a while later.

Another thing no one tells you, is that nurses will come in every few hours and push on your belly to get rid of all the ‘afterbirth.’ NOT FUN. It hurts, but evidently it’s needed, so try to roll with it.

Something I haven’t shared with my little corner of the internet, is that after having Callaway, I got my tubes tied. Yup. She is 100% our last baby and we are ok with that. (Every once in a while, Dale looks at our kids and says “It’s a sin for us not to bring more babies into this world. Look at how CUTE they are!” Yeah, he is right, but we have our reasons for stopping now. )

*Cue cute kid.

Either way, tubes tied or not, your pain after is AWFUL. This time was definitely the worst though. Every time I laid on my stomach, it felt like all of my insides fell towards the front of my body (not sure how else to explain that). It was awful! Not to mention, sitting, standing, peeing, pooping, ALLLLLL of it-horrible. No one prepares you for that. Speaking of poo…..

4. Pooping just got real

Yeah I am going there. The first poo after giving birth is nothing short of TERRIFYING. Not sure why, but you can’t tell how to make all those parts work after having a baby. You don’t feel normal down below, and it messes with EVERYTHING..By the way, your nurse is going to ask if you pooped every time they come in the room in the next 24 hours, and if you are passing gas. It’s marvelous, really. Any dignity you had left after having 20 people shove their hands up your business, is now flushed down the toilet with your nonexistent poo.

5. Night 2 is the way harder than night 1.

Think about it…Your sweet little bundle is getting used to the fact that they aren’t constantly being nourished, being fed, warm-it’s all different! This world is way different than what they are used to in the womb. And I think the adrenaline is slowing down night 2 as well. (That’s speculation on my part, but I’m 3 babies in and am giving myself permission to say what I want.) Just Prepare yourself for no sleep between your baby trying to get acclimated to the world around her, and your nurses coming in every hour to check you.

Not kidding, with Ford it was EVERY HOUR. One nurse would come check him. An hour later, the nurse would come check me. An hour later, check him, then me. For DAYS. As if it isn’t crazy enough trying to nurse a newbie and get them to sleep, you falling asleep, add in nurses coming every hour or more, and it’s complete madness. Thank goodness our hospital changed their ways in the last 6 years, and only check in on mom every 4 hours (unless you ask for help in between visits) and check baby every 2-3 hours. I hope for your sake, your hospital will be the same!

6. You 100% hate your body

I am not sure when this all changed. At some point in time, having a baby was a miracle. Our bodies were amazing for carrying this little human, and giving birth was a right of passage. Now all we do is stare at our deflated stomachs and cry . And judge. And wish. We wish we looked like we did at 18. We wish we wouldn’t be judged by everyone we see. We wish we could shrink back down to pre-pregnancy weight in a week like the supermodels on social media. I am trying with all my might to love myself and my ever changing body-but ladies-its HARD. My advice? Try. Try to love this miracle body women were given. Try to view it as a home for your sweet baby and trust your husband when he says a little extra curve is never a bad thing. (Thank heavens for this husband that is so supportive and tries to make me see the good in my postpartum body. Bless him.)

And I hate to break it to you, but there are so many other things that are DANG hard. But you get through it. I promise. And on the really hard days, just snuggle your baby and realize YOU have the privilege of being that sweet little one’s mama. He/she is going to give you the happiest moments of your life and it’s only going to get sweeter as you watch the sweet thing grow. Soak it up!

So there it is. The real real. Sorry for the graphic word pictures-but its’ the truth and I wish someone would have told me!

Thanks for reading and of course,

All the love dolls 💋


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