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Trying to be “Hair Goals” over here..

If you follow along on my Instagram stories, you know that I am having some major hair trouble lately. NO bueno.

Here is my theory: Your hair changes every 7 years, right? Ok I am 29 years old, and 7×4=28. That puts my hair change last year..but I don’t think so because your first year of life you don’t have much hair, (or it all falls out). So I am not counting the first year, and that puts me at the year of the hair change. Did that rambling make ANY sense? Hoping so because I am feeling that jazz deep down. I have to be onto something here!

Not only is my hair theory mathematics involved, but also the fact that I just had a baby! I was told by a beauty school teacher that all those hormonal changes are HARD on your hair. My hair is insanely dry, frizzy, and falling out by the handful every day. No bueno.

Well, a brand reached out to me when they heard what I was going through (Praise be) and I have been using it for a couple weeks and have seen some MAJOR improvements! The company is called Formulate and it’s the raddest setup in haircare that I’ve seen yet.

SO you do a little survey, and tell them what your hair goals are…and they formulate your own little hair concoction based on what ways you want your hair to improve! (Kind of like the subscription boxes you see around, but they actually send you what you NEED.)

You open the box to see this….

Fancy right?? Not even the best part….

You open the card to see the above-what my hair and scalp are like NOW…and what we are working to improve! You even get to pick your scent! I have already noticed a MAJOR difference in the frizziness and it isn’t so dry! I am also a HUGE fan of it listing the ingredients they put in my formula, and WHY. Every person has different hair, so we all need different ingredients! It makes perfect sense! Si, Bueno.

So now it’s your turn to try. I want everyone to give this system a go! Here is your chance to get it FREE…. Formulate was nice enough to let one of my blog subscribers WIN their OWN formulation! Just click the Link here to enter! And even if you don’t win ,you will still get a discount code sent to your email to try at a reduced price-score!

**Make sure to enter my GIVEAWAY here! **

All the love dolls 💋


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