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Light Therapy-I know you are curious

Ok. If you have been following along on my Instagram, you have seen that I’ve been going to light therapy sessions for my stomach.

I know- I preach loving yourself. And I am always working on it, but this is just one part of me that I don’t love. I never will love it like I want to. But poor thing, she is so stretched and marked and Ford even called her “soggy” this week. I laughed and thought “ wow-that may be the perfect descriptive word for this stomach. Soggy.

But amidst all my “love yourself as you are” posts lately, I also preach that it’s ok to love yourself, and still want to improve yourself. I repeat: It’s ok to LOVE yourself, and still want to IMPROVE yourself.

And I am doing just that. In so many different ways, like working out, eating better, my mindset, etc. But light therapy was big for me. It gave me the encouragement to kick myself into gear-and I wanted to tell you a little about how it works.

So, you start off with a consultation with Lindsey (Yall, she is so sweet and makes you feel comfortable in what could be a very uncomfortable situation.) She explains the ins and outs of the process and prepares you for the weeks to come! When I say prepares, she tells you to

1. Drink water.

2. Take your Niacin and Milk Thistle.

3. Eat decent.

*Let’s just stop here and I will explain these to you. It’s PERTINENT that you chug water for at least the first three days after each treatment. The light opens up your fat cell and drains the fat out through your lymphatic system. AKA-pee and poo. SO you need to push alllll the fat possible out this way. Chug chug CHUG that water yall.

There are also 2 vitamins to take during the process-Niacin and Milk Thistle. These aid in the detox process, and honestly I may keep them up all the time! ( Going to ask my doctor to make sure, and you should too…but I think it should be ok!)

Eat decent. Yeah-the hardest part (at least for me) but it’s crucial! You are draining fat out, so why would you want to immediately fill it right back up??? There isnt’ s specific diet to follow per say, but think as healthy as possible. ESPECIALLY the first three days after your treatment. Then if you fall off on the weekend, it wont affect you as badly!

Ok, you know the tricks-now lets get to the pics. This is NOT easy for me, as I don’t really show my belly at all-but I think these 2 pictures will convince you that it’s worth it. So here is my before and after.

Is that not amazing? I just am in shock at the difference! That is one light therapy session per week for 6 weeks. 40 minutes a week. And it’s RELAXING. It doesn’t hurt. At all. It’s not even hot! I used my sessions to respond to emails, DM’s and of course, show you guys what as going down on my IG stories!

If you are thinking about doing something to boost your confidence a little, I highly recommend UltraSlim at Optimal Health in Turkey creek. My skirts and jeans are fitting better. My undies are falling off. My belly pooch is significantly smaller and I am so grateful for this little confidence boost! Here is the website if you want to read a little more. If you just want to chat with Lindsey, call 865-288-4200 and tell her I sent you over!

Right now is the time to book. If you buy 3 sessions you get 3 free! You won’t regret it! The confidence boost is totally worth it y’all… try it out!

Signing off…but you know the drill…

All the love dolls 💋

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