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Top 10 things to know about Boys

Life with boys–I’m telling you-it’s like nothing you would expect and everything you dreamed. These boys have me on my toes nonstop and I am all about it. Going into this, though, I really didn’t know what to expect. SO for those who may be having a baby boy–or maybe even have a little one–prepare yourself for these things.

1. Boys are smelly.

Someone-please explain to me how girls can always be dainty and put together and never smell as bad as a boy. And from experience, ( I have teenage nephews) I know it never gets better. They always stink. Why? Girls sweat. They play. But they STILL don’t stink like boys. So buy stock in Febreze and be prepared to spray their feet when they take off their shoes. (Again–poor nephews have been sprayed many a time by this auntie. Sorry guys. Your feet are rancid.)

All I have to say is, thank goodness my kids like to take baths! Im telling you-the little one has the grossest smelling feet and let’s just be honest and say his butt smells like butt. It’s the worst. Boys stink. Number 1 covered.

2. They are dangerous.

Why is it that the male species must always do the dangerous? Why? “Hey Mom. Watch this.” Famous last words, am I right? Every time I turn around, my kids have to be jumping over someone. Jumping over something. Jumping off of the couch. Jumping from couch to couch. Jumping off the swing. Always jumping. Why can’t we just stay on the ground? If there is a high point-they have to climb to it. If there is water-they have to get as close as humanly possible before backing off. It’s like they just want to see me jump in after them. (Weirdly enough, I have never had to rescue them from any body of water.)

Believe it or not, I try to do workouts as home every so often. As soon as I hit the floor for a good ab-workout, a kid is jumping on my stomach. ALWAYS WITH THE JUMPING. I am blaming my lack of abs on my kids. Just roll with it, k?

Back to the water for a sec–our last beach trip, we spent a good amount of our time out on the pier. I swear if every time I turned around, these kids weren’t hanging halfway through the boards looking into the ocean. As if the ocean isn’t huge enough to see otherwise–they have to get THAT MUCH CLOSER. And put me THAT MUCH CLOSER to a heart attack. It’s a boy thing-Give Mom a heart attack. Is this on every single toddler’s bucket list? I am not sure..but my kids sure are trying to test the theory.

3. Boys pee nonstop

Why? Why must you test every bathroom everywhere we go? Why do you want me to stop on the road every half hour so you can pee? Every patch of grass is the same. Every blacktop is the same. Why do we feel the need to pee on every single tree/bush in the yard? Boys? Anyone? Can anyone explain?? Although it’s convenient, it isn’t normal. But I’m sure all my fellow boy mom’s get it.

4. Boys are dramatic.

Ok, I know this is a girl thing. But I am telling you, boys are DRAMATIC. At least mine are. The tiniest scratch-the world is crashing. Someone took the last sip of the drink-prepare for waterworks. The dog is chewing the baseball…ohhhhh man. So for all you who think ” Yay! I’m having a boy! I’m getting off easy!” -Nah. They are drama. Maybe not girl drama-but still drama.

5. Life is all sports-all the time.

Our boys are little sports fanatics….and they get it honest. But I am telling you–it’s nonstop sports here. Baseball, football, golf, basketball-you name it-we are playing it. Cash grabs his ball and glove the moment he wakes up and brings it everywhere we go. Kinda cute if you ask me πŸ˜‰ Ford is extremely athletic and I love every bit of it. He is amazing to watch! At any rate, prepare to buy every single ball at every single store for the rest of your life…and you should probably go ahead and buy a toy box dedicated solely to sporting equipment–or maybe a shed.

6. Boys like to dress up.

Did any other first time boy moms know this? This was one of those things I would like to have done with a little girl-but oh it’s so fun with little boys! They want to be cowboys and superheroes and cartoon characters and it’s a HOOT. I love to see these little imagination’s run wild. We have dressed our youngest as Batman and the dog as Robin for goodness sake! Gah I was dying of the cute-overload then. We have had Spiderman, Superman, Firefighters, and who knows what else. *Insider tip* Wait til the first week of November and stock up on fun costumes for the kids. I buy mine at Bargain Hunt and they are usually $1.00! *

(This was last week- I wish I could post the slow-mo video of the epic battle between Michael Angelo and Bumblebee. It was ground-breaking. )

7. Boys like stuffed animals.

I remember being pregnant with Ford and asking my cousin ” Should I buy him stuffed animals? Will boys play with them?” She is a Mom of 2 teenagers now and said “Of course! My boys loved their Lovies.” Don’t ask me why I thought otherwise–but I will tell you what-my oldest LOVES his animals. If we even attempt to get rid of them the waterworks start. So go ahead-stock up. They love them!

8. They eat NON-STOP.

You have heard it before–boys eat. But like–it’s unreal. As soon as breakfast is over they ask for a snack. Then 2nd snack. Then lunch. 10 minutes later–they are famished. I can’t keep up! My kids are only 3 and 5 so maybe we should set up a Go-fund me page for when our kids are teenagers. Otherwise, we may end up in the poor house…Hahah. Just kidding. But really. #sendfood

9. Farts and Poop are funny from Day 1.

Gross-but true. Literally-newborns coo and smile after a good gas pass. Toddlers learn to belly laugh at a good fart. Smelly poop is hysterical. Long turds are share-worthy. No joke–if the turd is long enough-you will hear one kid yell for the other to come see. It happens in this house all too often. So prepare yourselves-it never quits.

10. Boys love their Mama’s

To finish is off, I have to brag on the love for Mama. Daddy, of course, is the hero-but when everything goes to heck-they call for Mom. When they want a good cuddle..they run to Mommy. When they want to share their latest accomplishment, Mum is first to know. So don’t get too scared by all the crazy y’all. The love they show far surpasses any of the heart attacks they give you along the way. It’s worth every second. Promise.

So all of you boy-mom’s…Did this post ring true for you? What has been your experience with little boys? Fill me in! I want to know!

All the love dolls πŸ’‹


Life happens

I’m baaaaaack! Did you miss me? If you follow me on Instagram (if not, go follow NOW @smittenwiththree_blog ) you saw that I really wanted to do a blog update last weekend! But, as we all know, meh. Life happens. It’s part of it.

That being said, I have missed you all too much to go another night with no post! So here I am- and LAWD I do not like to be up late. Yea–Typing this at 10:03 is late for me. I am exhausted. And really- I have no reason to be. My bestie and I went to the UT game today (Ugh- I guess just being a VOL fan period is exhausting) and left to a loss. Ugh LIFE.

Anyways, came home, Took a nice nap. Hung with the bestie for another little minute. Made dinner. Left for Target ( Let’s all do a happy dance because yesterday was my day-of-birth which obviously means free Starbucks πŸ™ŒπŸ») shopped a bit, came back home and painted my nails. Cleaned a little. Studied a little. Now blogging a little. Why be tired, right? Mmmm hmmm….Because LIFE.

Ok can we skip around for a minute and talk about my marriage?? Real quick? Ok thanks—So October 25th, I will be married 9 years! I think we might be a ‘seasoned married couple’ now. Crazy! And Oh I love being married. This guy I have is as close to perfect as they come. He told me last week that I was “so easy to live with.” *Swoon* Me? HOW? I don’t know but somehow I scored perfection in an imperfect man. I’m fortunate. At any rate, in almost 9 years we have never spent a night apart. Not one. I wanted to make it to 10 years, but you know. LIFE.

Soooo. Last month, I was chosen to do a modeling gig, (Ew. I don’t want to call it that. That sounds like those crazies in the movies who live for things like this. Not a gig–a one day advertising venture. That is what we will call it. *Back story–A local boutique and salon collaborated to do some marketing. 150 people applied. They picked 8 to model for some advertising. Somehow I was chosen. That was it. **hoping to do a whole blog post on this day later. Really-it was an incredible opportunity and I hope I can share the photos with you all!**

But the same weekend of the advertising venture, my husband was asked to play in a golf tournament in Ohio. GASP. Now one of us have to give up something, or be apart. Let’s just say, distance won. It was hard, but we did it. Thanks to my sis and bestie coming to stay with me and the boys–I spent my first night away from the hubbs. LIFE.

It happened again last week when my little sis was in a wreck in Kentucky. I got to spend a few days with her helping around the house and washing her hair. I swear, she only wanted me there to wash her hair. Hehe just kidding we had a blast as always. It was my son’s fall break from school, and we really wanted to take a vacay this week, but that didn’t happen. Because LIFE.

Either way, it worked out. My hubby got some things done here. I spent time with my seeeeester. Boys ran wild on the farm. And I think we learned some independence this week. Probably a good thing. Except–I don’t want to be away from him. Yeah. The sappy LIFE.

OK, back to the post. So this week, we drove to Ohio Friday, came back Sunday night. Did laundry. Repacked. Woke up Monday, packed up, left for Kentucky. Came back Thursday morning. Cleaned up a little. Did some yard work. Had a clothes swap party at my house. Friday morning was supposed to pack up for a cabin with friends-but you know…LIFE happens so we couldn’t go to the cabin. Either way, we are back home for a while now- and I have a whole new respect for people who travel for work. Or maybe leisure–whatever you are traveling for–it’s TIRING! Fun, but TIRING! Your LIFE isn’t meant for the faint of heart.

Now you see why I couldn’t post? Well, all the traveling + I forgot my keyboard to type all this loveliness. LIFE.

So this post was just a recap of my LIFE lately. It’s crazy. But y’all, as tired as I get, as exhausted as I am, as much as LIFE gets in the way–know that I am still here! LIFE is going to happen. I have kids. I have a LIFE (believe it or not) and I won’t be on the perfect blogger’s schedule, but I am not leaving you all anytime soon! You are part of my LIFE now!

Thanks for the read, and I can’t wait to share my next blog post with you. It’s a fun one πŸ™‚

Of course,

All the love dolls πŸ’‹

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‘Getting too personal’ post

Ok men who read my blog–I know who you are..and this is a post you need to skip. Scroll on past, don’t click the link, look away, turn your head-whatever you need to do to NOT READ THIS POST. WOMEN ONLY from this point on. I’m telling you–it’s not something you want to hear or know about. It’s one of those “women talk” posts. Ohh yea…….now you get it.

Ok now that we are clear, and It’s ONLY ladies reading from this point forward (right?) let’s get into it.

I’ve hesitated to post this for a while, but the more I think about it, the more I think it might be needed–Maybe not. Or maybe you will say it’s too personal and I shouldn’t do another post of the sort. Well hopefully, I won’t need to do another post of this sort, because I have the issue fixed. I’m telling you–guys–if you are still reading….there is still time to back out. Do it now or you are going to regret it later.

Soooo…the goods. Or the bads…the worsts. Yeah-that’s what we will call them-“The Worsts.” Yep–talking about periods y’all. And really, I can’t complain about mine. I don’t cramp. I don’t even feel a thing til it “hits me.” Now my husband on the other hand can always tell when it’s coming because I have to have a good cry over nothing in particular a couple days before FLO decides to make her entrance. And the “you must be about to start your period” convo insults me every dang month because I think I am truly just having an emotional day… then the period shows her nasty teeth and I have to laugh because he always knows me better than I know myself. Poor husband. Bless him.

At any rate, I literally have been using Always brand pads forever. Just because, you know, that’s the #1 brand, right? Well, I have had this awful issue that I just kind of assumed came with the territory. Well evidently not…. Ok here goes…Every single period I was getting so chaffed ! And let me tell you–It was HORRIBLE. I couldn’t move at all without this pain. And it was every minute of every day while on the nasty week. Ugh. AWFUL. I never once thought it could have been because of the equipment I was using, I just assumed, once again, this is what happened from the extra moisture for the week. (SO sorry all. Trying to be as G-rated as possible here.)

I used everything to try and cool down the problem. Coconut oil. Lotions. Vinegar (Umm…Ouch.) Boudreaux’s Butt Paste (This was actually a huge help….Uhh…yea. Had to use the butt paste for diaper rash on my yoo-hoo. Not glamorous girls. Nope. Not at all.

But describing the issue to a friend one day, she asked ” What brand do you use?” To which I of course replied “Always.” She said “Oh my gosh! Change the brand! Those things TEAR ME UP!”

OH MY GOSH….How did this never hit me before????? I guess I have just never been allergic to ANYTHING before so it never even crossed my mind!

Well, after some thought, I went to Target to get a pad that was “pure.” No chemicals. No nastiness. I had enough nastiness as it was..That’s when I came across these heavenly hourglass shaped pillows.

I had this bag sitting on my counter for a week, and no one knew what it was. Isn’t the packaging AMAZING? So glam for a bag of pads. And please notice what ISN’T in them:

  • Pesticides
  • Rayon
  • Fragrances
  • Deodorants
  • Dyes

Who knew those things were in other pads???? My gosh I was shocked! Also–loving that the size is SUPER-califragilisticexpialidocious. Heck yes. Love it. And any bag that flat out says “We got you” on the front, is an ace in my book.

Check the back! Y’all-I’m sold for life!!!

The brand is called L. I grabbed mine at my local Target, but here is a link if you want to order online.

FYI-they worked great. No leaks. No hurt. No rash. No pain. And they don’t cost any more than Kotex or Always. *Added Plus–for every pad bought, they give one to a girl in need. Yes. Just yes.*

So now that you know WAY to much about me and my issues, what do you think about these? Guys-who kept reading when I said not to–poor souls. You did it to yourselves…..

Anyways…..You think this is maybe something you would want to try?? Let me know!

All the love dolls πŸ’‹

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Fall Bucket List

Eeeeeekkkkk!! I don’t think you got that…EEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!! I can’t contain my excitement for fall yall. It has always been my favorite time of year….Too many good things happen in Autumn. Can we talk about October and all it’s greatness? I was born in October, Married in October, the leaves peak in October–some amazing things going on in October. Until then September will do…

It’s starting to cool off here in Knoxville and I am LOVING IT–even if it has rained every day. ( I need you know to know my hatred for being in the rain. I cry and whine and complain and pitch little hissy fits and I know it. I don’t like my neck to get wet. I don’t like wet jeans. Not a fan of my shoes being soaked. And now I have kids that are the same way…..I’ve created little monsters. So to actually ENJOY the cold weather over nonstop complaining about the rain? This fall season must have a serious pull on me.)

At any rate, every year I have certain things I have to accomplish before the first snow, and I seem to expound on the list every year! So prepare yourselves for my Fall Bucket List and let me know which of these you want to accomplish too! Before we get to this awesome list, check out some pics from last Fall. These boys of mine have grown so much since these were taken–I can’t stand it!

Hopefully this year I will remember to keep up with picture taking, all the while soaking in the sweet season that is Fall. Lately I have been on a “Soak it in” kick. I am making a concerted effort to remember the little moments and take mental pictures as much as I can! Ok Now that I am done reminiscing, lets get to the list!!!!!

My Fall Bucket List

  • Bonfires
  • Fall foliage drive
  • 2 corn mazes
  • Play some football!
  • Roast Marshmallows
  • Allll the pumpkin recipes
  • Hayride
  • Make new scarves
  • Go to the fair
  • Buy a new candle
  • Decorate for fall
  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes (#PSLforlife)
  • Paint my nails dark
  • Make caramel apples
  • Go to a football game
  • Plant fall flowers
  • Picnic in the Mountains
  • Wear at least 5 different hats
  • Pinecone bird feeder

So this is what I want to accomplish in the next few months! Who is with me? Comment and let me know what you would want to do–or things I am missing!

All the love dolls πŸ’‹


DIY 2 ingredient face mask

Hey family!
I know, I know–MIA for a while but my life has been total chaos this summer! My family has had something going on every weekend, (and almost every day) and my son started Kindergarten today! Gosh that is so crazy to say–I am the parent of a school aged kid! And Yes–Momma and baby brother we're a wreck. Poor little cash asked all day "When can we pick up Ford? Can we leave now? I want to go to Ford's school. I'm sad." And one time during the day even called out for Ford-My dear goodness my heart broke for him! And he was only gone for a half day! I can't imagine what he will do when he starts all day-every day.

At any rate, I really wanted to share with you all some of the little easy DIY pamper things I like to do when I have some extra time-Combined with a good ol' cup of joe ( I mean, or wine or beer, whatever floats your boat) and you have a relaxing night. Or 15 minutes. Either way–we mommas will take it, Right?

This is a super simple face mask that removes SO MUCH JUNK from your face-kind of like a Biore strip for your whole face. Are you one of those people who sit and inspect the strip after you pull it off? I totally am–and I get it honest. My dad used to always do Biore strips with me and my sister waaay back when. Ahh, nasty, blackhead, super gross memories. It's a beautiful thing.
See that? 2 ingredients. Easy peasy.

  • Charcoal capsules
  • Elmer's Non-toxic Glue

Just break 2 tablets in a bowl and add about 1 teaspoon of glue and mix. That's it!

Apply to your face and let it dry! The results are AWESOME. My skin always feels amazing afterwards…You have to try it!
This is my lovely no makeup face with it on and still wet. I just apply to the lower half of my face-no reason. I just don't like face masks near my hairline. I know–I'm weird. I can handle it.

But YALL–check out the crud it pulled from my face…..

This was just a tiny snippet of the actual mask..and it did great! I sit and stare at each piece I pull off for a while in complete awe. It's that weirdly satisfying gross feeling you get-kinda like a good pimple pop. Ewwwwww I'm so gross I know–but I secretly love it. 🤣 And pretty sure you do too….. Don't deny it.

Here is my skin after the mask–pores appear smaller and feels sooooo much cleaner! I LOVE IT!

(**Now you have seen me without makeup–You are all officially family. Embrace it dolls-It's a crazy place**)

But really–there is a reason why we see charcoal masks all over the internet. They pull all the impurities out of your face and your skin will LOVE you for treating it so well!

*Added Bonus:
Using a capsule of the charcoal on your toothpaste (or even mixed with coconut oil) will whiten your teeth! It's messy, so clean the sink out immediately, but in the process will also clean your sink-It will sparkle…. You can't lose!

So try it out–and let me know how you feel about this mask…. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

All the love dolls 💋

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Life with boys-The lessons

Boy: (noun)

1. A noise with dirt on it. 2. Most precious to their mothers

My boys–if you know them personally-you would know how sweet they can be. LIke-OMG melt your heart-sweet. And lawd have mercy can they be sour. Yup.  I have sour patch kids.  I think all the little people are though. Right?

When people ask me, “Whew, how do you do it? How do you keep up??” My answer to ANY of the boy questions–  “They keep me on my toes.” Its so true! These kids keep me laughing, and my heart is so full.

Speaking of my heart being full, in a parking lot a couple months back, an older woman and her husband walked past me in the parking lot. (Target parking lot-of course) And she yells as she is going by, ” Wow, you have your hands full with those two.” Now, in theory, she probably didn’t mean anything by it. But at the time, it  struck me as funny, and I answered as she was walking away ” So you can imagine my heart, ” with the happiest smile I could give her 😊 I can’t help but think that she wouldn’t have said that if I had had 2 girls. Why do people automatically assume life with boy is so rough? Now dont get me wrong, it has it’s crazy moments. Ok–more like crazy months-but really-all in all-its amazing.

And I have to say, these boys have taught me so much as a mom. And as a person——-Patience being a main factor. Now this one I am still trying to master, as patience is the virtue that really screws with me. (Pardon le French.)  I am not a patient person. I do not like to wait on people. I hate when people don’t show up on time, and I hate that it takes 20 years for my kids to exit the car. (Yikes TMI.)

Now you know my serious downfall. Please don’t judge me. I am working on it. I pray about it. But having these little people around has really taught me I have to be more patient. That I need to slow down….. Really-I have to walk slower. (Everyone tells me that–“Brandi SLOW DOWN! You are walking too fast!!! Which is quite hysterical, because I am a pudgy little thing with thick legs-but for whatever reason-they walk fast.) And really, it’s slightly ridiculous. I am in the grocery store for heaven’s sake-why do I need to be flying???

Seriously though, back to my point. I have realized patience is something you have to work on as a parent CONSTANTLY and these little ones are teaching me every day. When I am reading to them. When I have to wait on them to potty. When we go the park. Everything is a lesson-and they are teaching me!

Next lesson: Kindness

I have noticed since having these little monsters, I am looking for reasons to be kind. I want them to grow up treating others with the utmost respect–and I want them to help others to feel good about themselves. I have noticed, they pick up on our actions so quickly–and the not-so-good ones will stick quick. So I am doing my best to SHOW THEM kindness, not just preach it. So far, I think we are doing ok at this parenting job and teaching them to be half-way decent people.

Walking up a flight of stairs last month, Cash saw a pretty blonde its a gorgeous emerald lace dress–looks at me and says,  ” MOM-She was pretty.” The lady looks back at him and her face LIT UP. “That was so SWEET!” She walked away glowing and I knew he gave her a smile she would wear for the rest of the day.

And it isn’t just that–it’s Ford calling our 80 year old friend “My friend Neil.” It’s when he wants to hug someone just because. Its every time one of these littles says “Mom I love you” out of nowhere.  #melt btw. It’s hearing them tell another child “I’m proud of you” when they accomplish something they were working on. It’s them wanting to help their Dad in the garage and the sense of pride in themselves afterward.

They truly are amazing and kind hearted little people–and I hope others see that in them as well. The more I see them be kind, I want to do the same–and I tell you what-seeing these little guys in action can pull me out of a mood in the blink of an eye. I’m telling you-amazing.

And love. Y’all, you don’t know love like this until you have kids. I’m telling you– something about these guys makes me change the way I view everything and everyone. It’s phenomenal. Now, I’m not saying if you don’t have kids you don’t know love–that’s not true. Before my kiddos came along, I could promise you I loved my husband more than anyone could ever love anything. Come May 9, 2012. Ford entered this world after 19 hours of labor–and I loved something more…For a second. But seeing the way my husband loved this little person that we made–made MY love for this tall man from Ohio grow deeper.  It’s really just a circle people. All the love flying everywhere… You know those little circle diagrams with smaller circles coming off the one big circle in the middle? That’s like the love–starting with big circle in the middle, and as time goes on the love spreads to other people. That’s the best way I can describe it. (I know, pitiful ‘eh?)

But really, on the bad days, try to look at your little people and see the lessons they are teaching you. There is almost always something there. Even if they are being downright jerks–we can learn something-like–don’t lose your cool in Target Momma. You got this.

At any rate, I just felt like sharing a little about my good-hearted little guys and hopefully get some feedback from you all! Tell me about your littles! I love getting your emails and hope they continue. Everyone who doesn’t mind—feel free to answer in the comments! If you want to keep it private (some have and I love that as well) just shoot me an email!

All the love dolls πŸ’‹


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One of the best Dollar Tree Finds….And It’s a MUST HAVE.Β 

Hey there friends!

This has been such a crazy month for me–and I am loving it! We have been keeping ourselves busy spending time with family and friends, spent the last weekend at a 3 day bible convention (so refreshing) alll the summer fun outside, party planning, our bible ministry, etc. All exciting stuff .  😬

One of the main events taking up my time this past month? Jack and Jules . Not familiar? It is our local children’s consignment that comes around twice a year…..and I LOVE it. It’s time consuming but SO WORTH IT. It’s a great way to sell your children’s gently used clothes/and to grab some great deals for your littles. (Let me know if you want a blog post on my hanging/pricing process!)

At any rate, I wanted to share one of my tried and true time savers–and this will work for anyone–especially those of us who hate to iron.

I am not going to lie, when my kids outgrow their clothes, I throw them in the bottom of the closet (sometimes they make it in the Β ” I’ve outgrown It box”, sometimes they don’t.) Nonetheless, they are wrinkled. To the max. Every one of them.

That being said, I think I have found the holy grail of wrinkle reducers, and it’s cheap as dirt. Literally, maybe cheaper than dirt. ( NO joke–try potting all the plants around your house. Its pricey.)

Once again, Dollar Tree has come to the rescue. This wrinkle reducer y’all–all the praise hand emojis..Here. Let me throw one in here just for fun. πŸ™ŒπŸ».. It’s bomb. Do the kids say that anymore? Someone fill me in.

Notice what it looks like here…..

Now promptly leave your house, and go grab a bottle.

It smells so fresh and clean–and it’s so simple to use! Evidently it is the off brand of Downy, which I didn’t realize existed. But I’m telling you, it can’t be much better than this.

Just spray it on your wrinkled item, and give it a pull. Pull the clothing on each side, and then top and bottom. It’s awesome! Notice the difference in this shirt.



Ok please don’t fault me as I forgot to spray the bottom of the shirt, ( I was so excited to share with ya people, per the usual) but isn’t the difference AMAZING????? SO MUCH EASIER than ironing.

I also am a huge fan of the “throw it back in the dryer with a wet towel” trick, but sometimes there just isn’t time, ya know? Add in the nice scent boost with it, and you have a solid champ in this wrinkle releaser.

The price point can’t be beat for the time it saves you!

Do you use a spray on wrinkle releaser like this? What is your take on it?? Let me know in the comments!!!!!

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DIY Tassel Earrings

Y’all, I can’t be the only one here obsessed with the tassel earring..I take that back. Tassel EVERYTHING trend. Its so whimsical and I love a good statement piece. I also LOVE a bargain. Combine with my innate need to create as many things as my little brain will allow, and we have, my dears, tassel earrings. 

But really, this actually isn’t a DIY post. It’s more of a “repurpose it” post. And I couldn’t wait to share with you….Now some of you all may think I am crazy. And you are totally allowed to laugh, but some of you are going to say ” borderline genius” when you see this. 

So I really wanted to go out and buy some thread and make my own earrings, but when I saw this, I just had to try them out. I grabbed some—wait for it—WINE CHARMS at my local bargain hunt. You can see these actually came from the Target One Spot, but bargain hunt somehow gets the items that didn’t sell and sells for a better price! I love Bargain hunt btw. Search your area for one, and if you can’t find one, come visit me. We will take a trip πŸ™‚ 

When I was shopping, the earrings I had on, had the exact same setup as the wine charms. I then proceeeded to compare the size of the metal, and it was the same! So instead of making my own, I bought these. And now I am wearing wine charms in my ears as my statement piece. Really, no one would ever know unless I told them-which of course I promptly do every time I get a compliment. (I can’t help myself. I love to share my crafty ideas with everyone! ) 

My set came with 6 charms, or 3 pairs. (Hmm…I’m thinking to include them in a giveaway soooooon) So if you find some you like, keep a pair, then share some with friends! 

The first night I wore them, I got so many compliments and you will too! Now I will say, if you have sensitive ears, this may not be the way to go for you. I can usually wear allll the cheapie earrings (thank goodness) and these didn’t bother me at all! Look at how cute they are !!!!

So if you decide to try this yourself, make sure you:

  1. Check to see that the metal part that goes in your ear is small enough to fit. 
  2. Isn’t so heavy it weighs you down. (Saggy earlobes? Eww.)
  3. Don’t have sensitive ears
  4. Share with friends! 

What do you all think about this? Isn’t it a fun change of pace? 

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Summer Bucket List

You guys–school starts in August. How did this happen? How do I have a FIVE YEAR OLD? How is he starting KINDERGARTEN? Ugh. While someone helps me figure that out, I decided I wanted to share with you our Summer Bucket List! These are things i really want to accomplish before my kiddo starts school. 

It’s so hard to plan to do things (especially when your Hubby is a total homebody) but I am DETERMINED to do some fun things before its just me and “Crash” all day every day. (A friend of mine calls the little guy “Crash” instead of Cash and I think its hysterical.) 

So here it is! The List. Get ready. Get set……

  • Splash pad (Visit at least 3 different ones)
  • Go to a park on the Lake 
  • NASCAR Speedpark
  • Visit a Children’s Museum
  • Plant some veggies
  • Paint Pottery
  • Go to a water park
  • Visit Chuck E. Cheese (Yea-were crazy. I know.) 
  • Tubing on the river
  • Go to a drive-in
  •  Take a Hike
  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Buy ice cream from a truck
  • Go berry picking
  • Have a breakfast date
  • See the $1.00 Summer Movies

 We already planted a few plants in April, and TODAY we finally harvested some peas! The boys were SO PUMPED to pick the peas!!! I think this is a great one for everyone to try. I have been trying to get the littles to try more veggies and I think this may be a good way to start–get them involved! 

We plan on going to the drive-in tomorrow night. (Pray for me y’all. The movie wont start until after 9pm. My kids are going to be a mess!) 

We also have already visited one splash pad. We ALMOST visited 2 pads, but ugh the first one wasn’t running, so I guess we can’t count that one. Anyways, 1 down, 2 to go!

I am so excited to already be crossing some fun to-do’s off the list (And I LOVE TO MAKE LISTS/cross items off) and hope by the end of the Summer, we have crossed every one of these off the list! 

I know you can look on Pinterest and see THOUSANDS of ideas to keep you busy this summer, but I really wanted to make a list catered to our family, and do things we wouldn’t normally do.  I also wanted to keep it realistic!

 What would you add to this list? Any fun things you want to accomplish before school starts? 


Summertime Outfits

For some–thinking about summertime attire is anything but sunny and sweet. Trying to decide what to wear can be stressful and tiresome-but I’m here to help! I want your style to be simple and effortless-today and every day! Follow along for some of my summertime favs..

Boho Chic Tops

Yall -this is the summer of flowy tops. So if you are ANY bit uncomfortable with our body-go grab a few of these Boho Chic tops. They don’t cling, aren’t hot, and are super feminine. All winners in my book. 

I bought the top at JCP a couple months back–so you may be able to find it on SUPER clearance now.  Check your local stores. If not-go with Kohls, Francesca’s, Bliss, and of course, Target! Keep in mind-Target offers free shipping! A great way to save and shop from your couch πŸ˜‰

These shorts are my summer go-to this year! Who doesn’t love lace and a little stretchy denim? I bought these at my local Ross and OMG they are so dreamy. You will see visit them again in about 2 seconds…. (DISCLAIMER** This body isn’t perfect. It never will be. I don’t care. I choose to wear shorts and the cellulite can show all day. Boom. Said it.) 


I love me a cute graphic tank+tee. Some of the ones on Etsy right now are brilliant. Check out Fickle Fox on Etsy for some of the funniest tees+raglans you have ever seen. I love them! I got my Mama Bear tank from her and its perfect. So soft. And the gold foil look is right up my ‘bling-y’ alley. 

Notice the shorts again? Yeah-I love them. So what. I would wear them every day if I could keep up with laundry in this mad house.. My advice? Go grab some NOW. 

Flowy Dresses

I am in love with this dress. It’s so flattering!! I’m telling you this would make anyone look good. I get compliments every time I wear it out and even my grandfather told me, “that dress looks real nice on you.” Whoa! I’ll take it. 

The length is great and its SO SOFT! It reminds me of the Lularoe fabric I am seeing everywhere. I bought mine from a little boutique (I can’t find the name of it anywhere–SO SORRY GIRLS! ) but I am thinking-any little hometown boutique should carry something like it!

 Check out this pic–I was having an epic stare down with a local Florida lizard at the time. See him??  Fun times yall. 

*Side note* Am I the only one totally intrigued with all the lizards around Florida? I never caught a single one-but tried way more times than I should probably admit. 

Also–LOVING these 50’s inspired shades. My sister thinks they are terrible ugly//my grandmother thinks they are gorgeous. I think I’ll trust Granny’s judgement. They are so fun and timeless! I was seriously born in the wrong decade. I want all the vintage+vintage inspired items. 

Don’t you notice the cat eye frames coming back in style? And super round lenses with fun frames? I see them everywhere and love them! At any given time, I am known to have 8-10 pairs of sunglasses in my car/on my person. It’s a problem. But for some reason, I lose them all at once and have to buy new pairs all at once. Hey hey–what’s wrong with a little sunglasses addiction?? 

While we are at it, here is a pic of another favorite 

I LOVE how mirrored these are! I bought them at Kohl’s and they are the cutest! Go grab a pair y’all. Or two. πŸ™‚ 

One of my FAVORITE PLACES to buy sunglasses is Dollar tree! Did you notice the aviators in the Mama Bear tee? You got it-they are from Dollar tree and come in 2 colors. Silver and gold! Go grab them both now! 


I am a sucker for a big headband–like- I want to wear those massive bows like the 1 year olds wear-and I wan’t to rock them so hard. Wellllll, until that becomes acceptable, I will just wear my smaller version headbands. I make them myself (I have bought a few) and love to have them in every print possible! I love my gingham and floral ones best. 

Don’t be nervous! They are so cute and a fun fashion statement for any outfit. Even just a tee and shorts! 

This pic combines all of my favs! I look all sorts of crazy-but check it out! Headband+Flowy tank+lace shorts=Outfit Bliss. –Cash wasnt’ feeling this pic (obvi) but eeeek!!! His hat! Get it on Etsy here. —

Try the headband out dolls. You got this. Own it! 

Ball caps

This pic isn’t great quality, but you get the drift. I love to steal the Hubb’s baseball caps and rock ’em out. It’s perfect for gross hair days, and keeps the sun away! Double score. 

This was date night with my kiddo and we both had to sport Daddy’s team of course πŸ˜‰ 

At any rate, we love the hats and you should try them out! If you don’t like your hubby’s-go to your local boutique and grab a super girly one! I love all these UT ones around. While you are at it–know you are shopping small and supporting a local family. I am ALL FOR IT. 

So these are just a few of my summer time favs–I may add some more soon. What do you think??? Will you try any of these this summer?