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DIY Tassel Earrings

Y’all, I can’t be the only one here obsessed with the tassel earring..I take that back. Tassel EVERYTHING trend. Its so whimsical and I love a good statement piece. I also LOVE a bargain. Combine with my innate need to create as many things as my little brain will allow, and we have, my dears, tassel earrings. 

But really, this actually isn’t a DIY post. It’s more of a “repurpose it” post. And I couldn’t wait to share with you….Now some of you all may think I am crazy. And you are totally allowed to laugh, but some of you are going to say ” borderline genius” when you see this. 

So I really wanted to go out and buy some thread and make my own earrings, but when I saw this, I just had to try them out. I grabbed some—wait for it—WINE CHARMS at my local bargain hunt. You can see these actually came from the Target One Spot, but bargain hunt somehow gets the items that didn’t sell and sells for a better price! I love Bargain hunt btw. Search your area for one, and if you can’t find one, come visit me. We will take a trip πŸ™‚ 

When I was shopping, the earrings I had on, had the exact same setup as the wine charms. I then proceeeded to compare the size of the metal, and it was the same! So instead of making my own, I bought these. And now I am wearing wine charms in my ears as my statement piece. Really, no one would ever know unless I told them-which of course I promptly do every time I get a compliment. (I can’t help myself. I love to share my crafty ideas with everyone! ) 

My set came with 6 charms, or 3 pairs. (Hmm…I’m thinking to include them in a giveaway soooooon) So if you find some you like, keep a pair, then share some with friends! 

The first night I wore them, I got so many compliments and you will too! Now I will say, if you have sensitive ears, this may not be the way to go for you. I can usually wear allll the cheapie earrings (thank goodness) and these didn’t bother me at all! Look at how cute they are !!!!

So if you decide to try this yourself, make sure you:

  1. Check to see that the metal part that goes in your ear is small enough to fit. 
  2. Isn’t so heavy it weighs you down. (Saggy earlobes? Eww.)
  3. Don’t have sensitive ears
  4. Share with friends! 

What do you all think about this? Isn’t it a fun change of pace? 

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Summer Bucket List

You guys–school starts in August. How did this happen? How do I have a FIVE YEAR OLD? How is he starting KINDERGARTEN? Ugh. While someone helps me figure that out, I decided I wanted to share with you our Summer Bucket List! These are things i really want to accomplish before my kiddo starts school. 

It’s so hard to plan to do things (especially when your Hubby is a total homebody) but I am DETERMINED to do some fun things before its just me and “Crash” all day every day. (A friend of mine calls the little guy “Crash” instead of Cash and I think its hysterical.) 

So here it is! The List. Get ready. Get set……

  • Splash pad (Visit at least 3 different ones)
  • Go to a park on the Lake 
  • NASCAR Speedpark
  • Visit a Children’s Museum
  • Plant some veggies
  • Paint Pottery
  • Go to a water park
  • Visit Chuck E. Cheese (Yea-were crazy. I know.) 
  • Tubing on the river
  • Go to a drive-in
  •  Take a Hike
  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Buy ice cream from a truck
  • Go berry picking
  • Have a breakfast date
  • See the $1.00 Summer Movies

 We already planted a few plants in April, and TODAY we finally harvested some peas! The boys were SO PUMPED to pick the peas!!! I think this is a great one for everyone to try. I have been trying to get the littles to try more veggies and I think this may be a good way to start–get them involved! 

We plan on going to the drive-in tomorrow night. (Pray for me y’all. The movie wont start until after 9pm. My kids are going to be a mess!) 

We also have already visited one splash pad. We ALMOST visited 2 pads, but ugh the first one wasn’t running, so I guess we can’t count that one. Anyways, 1 down, 2 to go!

I am so excited to already be crossing some fun to-do’s off the list (And I LOVE TO MAKE LISTS/cross items off) and hope by the end of the Summer, we have crossed every one of these off the list! 

I know you can look on Pinterest and see THOUSANDS of ideas to keep you busy this summer, but I really wanted to make a list catered to our family, and do things we wouldn’t normally do.  I also wanted to keep it realistic!

 What would you add to this list? Any fun things you want to accomplish before school starts? 


Summertime Outfits

For some–thinking about summertime attire is anything but sunny and sweet. Trying to decide what to wear can be stressful and tiresome-but I’m here to help! I want your style to be simple and effortless-today and every day! Follow along for some of my summertime favs..

Boho Chic Tops

Yall -this is the summer of flowy tops. So if you are ANY bit uncomfortable with our body-go grab a few of these Boho Chic tops. They don’t cling, aren’t hot, and are super feminine. All winners in my book. 

I bought the top at JCP a couple months back–so you may be able to find it on SUPER clearance now.  Check your local stores. If not-go with Kohls, Francesca’s, Bliss, and of course, Target! Keep in mind-Target offers free shipping! A great way to save and shop from your couch πŸ˜‰

These shorts are my summer go-to this year! Who doesn’t love lace and a little stretchy denim? I bought these at my local Ross and OMG they are so dreamy. You will see visit them again in about 2 seconds…. (DISCLAIMER** This body isn’t perfect. It never will be. I don’t care. I choose to wear shorts and the cellulite can show all day. Boom. Said it.) 


I love me a cute graphic tank+tee. Some of the ones on Etsy right now are brilliant. Check out Fickle Fox on Etsy for some of the funniest tees+raglans you have ever seen. I love them! I got my Mama Bear tank from her and its perfect. So soft. And the gold foil look is right up my ‘bling-y’ alley. 

Notice the shorts again? Yeah-I love them. So what. I would wear them every day if I could keep up with laundry in this mad house.. My advice? Go grab some NOW. 

Flowy Dresses

I am in love with this dress. It’s so flattering!! I’m telling you this would make anyone look good. I get compliments every time I wear it out and even my grandfather told me, “that dress looks real nice on you.” Whoa! I’ll take it. 

The length is great and its SO SOFT! It reminds me of the Lularoe fabric I am seeing everywhere. I bought mine from a little boutique (I can’t find the name of it anywhere–SO SORRY GIRLS! ) but I am thinking-any little hometown boutique should carry something like it!

 Check out this pic–I was having an epic stare down with a local Florida lizard at the time. See him??  Fun times yall. 

*Side note* Am I the only one totally intrigued with all the lizards around Florida? I never caught a single one-but tried way more times than I should probably admit. 

Also–LOVING these 50’s inspired shades. My sister thinks they are terrible ugly//my grandmother thinks they are gorgeous. I think I’ll trust Granny’s judgement. They are so fun and timeless! I was seriously born in the wrong decade. I want all the vintage+vintage inspired items. 

Don’t you notice the cat eye frames coming back in style? And super round lenses with fun frames? I see them everywhere and love them! At any given time, I am known to have 8-10 pairs of sunglasses in my car/on my person. It’s a problem. But for some reason, I lose them all at once and have to buy new pairs all at once. Hey hey–what’s wrong with a little sunglasses addiction?? 

While we are at it, here is a pic of another favorite 

I LOVE how mirrored these are! I bought them at Kohl’s and they are the cutest! Go grab a pair y’all. Or two. πŸ™‚ 

One of my FAVORITE PLACES to buy sunglasses is Dollar tree! Did you notice the aviators in the Mama Bear tee? You got it-they are from Dollar tree and come in 2 colors. Silver and gold! Go grab them both now! 


I am a sucker for a big headband–like- I want to wear those massive bows like the 1 year olds wear-and I wan’t to rock them so hard. Wellllll, until that becomes acceptable, I will just wear my smaller version headbands. I make them myself (I have bought a few) and love to have them in every print possible! I love my gingham and floral ones best. 

Don’t be nervous! They are so cute and a fun fashion statement for any outfit. Even just a tee and shorts! 

This pic combines all of my favs! I look all sorts of crazy-but check it out! Headband+Flowy tank+lace shorts=Outfit Bliss. –Cash wasnt’ feeling this pic (obvi) but eeeek!!! His hat! Get it on Etsy here. —

Try the headband out dolls. You got this. Own it! 

Ball caps

This pic isn’t great quality, but you get the drift. I love to steal the Hubb’s baseball caps and rock ’em out. It’s perfect for gross hair days, and keeps the sun away! Double score. 

This was date night with my kiddo and we both had to sport Daddy’s team of course πŸ˜‰ 

At any rate, we love the hats and you should try them out! If you don’t like your hubby’s-go to your local boutique and grab a super girly one! I love all these UT ones around. While you are at it–know you are shopping small and supporting a local family. I am ALL FOR IT. 

So these are just a few of my summer time favs–I may add some more soon. What do you think??? Will you try any of these this summer? 

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Chicken Noodle Casserole…mmmm…

Guys, I am NOT a cook. But I Love food–and I love EASY recipes. (Also -have the hardest time spelling ‘recipes’ for some reason)  This meal was so easy and so so yummy! 

I got the recipe from This website and she has an amazing website you should check out! I found her on Pinterest and she did NOT disappoint. Its called Life in the Lofthouse. CHeck it out! In the meantime, check this recipe out. 


  • 2 cups Shredded Chicken
  • 1 bag Egg Noodles
  • 2 bags 12 oz  frozen veggies (corn/green beans/carrots) 
  •  3 tbsp Butter
  • 1 cup Milk
  • 10 0z can Cream of chicken
  • 10 oz can Cream of Mushroom
  • Salt/pepper
  • 1/2 tsp Garlic powder

I cooked a while chicken ahead of time and just pulled it off the bone and stored i the fridge for the week…and used some of that for this casserole! So if you have to cook your chicken, it will take a while longer–but if you have. Chicken pre-made, this is a 5 minute prep! 

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Smear your 13X9 inch pan with your Country crock butter.
  2. Cook the egg noodles according to the directions on the bag. 
  3. While those cook, combine veggies, butter, milk, cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, salt/pepper, and garlic powder. 
  4. Combine all ingredients with egg noodles. Cover with foil. Bake for 30 minutes

Im telling you, it was so easy!!! Check out Life in the lofthouse website for more in depth directions if you like. I also tweaked the recipe a bit –because–butter. All the butter. Check out my fav here.. 

SO simple. SO yummy! Again, check out her website Here for more details!!!! 

Let me know if you try it and what you think… 

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Top Disney Tips and TricksΒ 

Can’t believe we have been gone from Disney World a week already. Ugh I miss it so much.  Walt Disney wanted you to enter and totally leave all cares behind. He 100% accomplished that! We had the time of our lives and I am really hoping for a week there next year πŸ™‚ 

Anyone taking a trip to Florida anytime soon? If so, Disney is a MUST on the list…and if I ever find myself moving to Florida, season passes are #1 on my list.  

If you are a Disney first timer, keep this is mind. YOU NEED TO GET THERE EARLY. We arrived there around 8:40 as the doors opened at 9. We didn’t get to our first ride until after 10am! My goodness it was wild. We didn’t realize you have to take a boat ride/monorail to get TO THE PARK front the parking lot. After a trolley ride to the ticket booth. Its quite the process. It’s fun to ride the boat, but takes a while ! Seriously –get there early. EARLY. 

So our arrival went a little something like this…Drive in to the parking space. Unload the car. We knew we shouldn’t totally put our stroller together because we had to ride the trolley to the front of the park….so my husband carried it. We have the kind of stroller you hook to your bike. Know what I am talking about? It’s got the huge arm on the front and rides So SMOOOOOTH. We were so excited to use it! 

**Here are the kiddos on the trolley on the way to the park. They were so excited to ride! This was the first ride of the day for them–and they couldn’t have been happier.** 

So anyways,  the macho Hubby carried that monster stroller to the trolley. Held it on the trolley-then once we got to the boat, we put it together. It was perfect–held the cooler, all our snacks, sunscreen, everything! Everyone was happy-until we got to the entrance. “’am. I don’t think these are allowed in. Let me call someone over to check it.” Hearts sank. The manager man came over and confirmed our fears. “I’m so sorry but he is right. We don’t allow these in the park because of the tripping hazard.” 

Perfect. Now we have to walk this thing back to the car and go fork out another $31.00 to rent a double stroller. But we kept our composure, and I looked at the sweet little man and asked,  ” Ok, so what would our next step be?” 

“Thank you for understanding. It’s all for everyone’s safety.  I am going to give a voucher for your stroller. Follow me.”  

At this point, we are still confused. Is he GIVING us the stroller to use??? Sure enough, he comp’d us a stroller! SO what could have been miserable, turned awesome! And he wasn’t kidding BTW…. As we were trading our stroller for the Disney stroller, I tripped over that dang arm. It would have been terrible to take that through the park. THANK GOODNESS for nice workers at Disney. He said most people pitch a fit and he really appreciated we didn’t get upset with him.

Moral of the story, be nice to the workers!!!! They may help you out when you least expect it. 

Notice our cooler on the stroller? This thing was awesome! We packed 6 waters, 2 pepsi’s and 2 Capri sun’s. For one 20 oz coke, it cost $3.50 at the park! Taking the cooler was a huge help for us. Keep in mind you can bring whatever snacks and drinks you would like into the park! I couldn’t believe that!!! SO we packed chips and snacky things to get us through the day. We bought one meal while we were there, and just ate/drank what we brought otherwise. 

Another great thing, any quick stop places will give you cups of water for FREE!!! So if we ever got thirsty, we just grabbed a cup of water and went on our merry way πŸ™‚ 

Next item up for business : Fast Passes

Through the  Disney app, everyone gets 3 fast passes. We set ours up in walking order through the park. (Walk to the left when you get in the park, because people all turn right when they first come in, supposedly) 

The first ride we tried was Pirates of the Caribbean. Not a good idea when you have little boys who are scared of everything. It was a very easy going boat ride, but my goodness they were scared out of their little minds and cried the whole ride. 

The next ride we used a fast pass for was Splash Mountain. This was one of our favorite rides!!!! I definitely recommend using a fast pass for this ride–and we used it during lunch time so it was a nice cool down for us πŸ™‚  **If you are worried about getting SOAKED–DON’T FRET! This ride gets you wet, ut you won’t be soaked. Your shoes also stay dry, so no squishy tennis shoes while you are walking the park. **

At some point during the day, we decided to try to ride “It’s a small world.” We waited in line for maybe 15-20 minutes and then they announced the ride wasn’t working, but we were welcome to wait for a bit for it to come back up. So maybe 50% of the people in line left, and we waited a while longer. Then the next announcement came–the ride wasn’t coming back up. SO everyone who waited in line got a fast pass for their group to use on any ride!!!! Awesome in my opinion as I did NOT want to do that ride. 

Our last fast pass, we used on Peter Pan. That was a favorite for kids and adults alike. I would loved to have done this one twice–but almost every single ride had wait times of one hour or longer. Ugh. We only did 2 rides with a wait time close to an hour and those were Jungle Cruise and Buzz Lightyear. The jungle cruise was lame to me, but kiddies loved it so I’ll call it a win. Buzz lightyear was SO FUN and Ford went on it twice–Yay!!!

Right after the ride, we met Buzz and this was a highlight for the boys. If you ask him about Disney , the little is going to say “We saw Buzz Lightyear!” He loved it!!!!! 

Another thing–remember those free fast passes we got? Instead of everyone using a fast pass for one ride, we split them up so the kids could do more rides. So while my dad took Ford on Buzz Lightyear for the second time, My sister and I took Cash to ride Winnie the Pooh. I wish we didn’t use a fast pass for this one as the line for this ride is so much cooler than the ride itself! There are plenty of little fun interactive things for the kiddos to do and keep them busy in the line, ** Side note,  if you get motion sick–maybe stay away from this ride, ok? 

Notice my kiddos amazing little hats??? Yea, so did everyone else. EVERYONE was asking where we got them in the park. They wanted to buy some too! But you won’t find them in the park. 

In fact, not a single kid I saw had hats like theirs. I loved that they were little originals, even in Disney world where everyone is looking so similar. Want to buy some yourself? 

I’m going to share my secret with you all—and its an amazing little shop on Etsy. Click here To shop these amazing little lids. Any kid would love to have these hats, regardless of whether or not you are going to Disney!  Check out the little details on this Baymax hat. 

My kids loved these so much and your kids will too! Look at this awesome Lightning McQueen one. 
 Click here For your own cute Dizzy Lid. πŸ™‚ I can’t say enough awesome things about these hats. They kept the kiddos from getting burnt on our Florida trip and the boys wore them at some point almost every day we were down there. Now I plan on them WEARING THESE OUT this summer. Thanks again Dizzylidz. πŸ™‚ 

Visit her website at
Another thing–almost every family you see at Disney has matching Mickey tee’s. Now we matched(ish) but no one had shirts like ours! I was actually really shocked about that one. I thought we would see at least a few families with mama/papa bear shirts. But nope-none!! 

I bought Dale and Cash’s shirts at JCP before we left for $5.00! (What what??) I ordered the decal for Ford’s “Man Cub” shirt on Etsy and applied it to this cute little tee I scored from ….where else? Target. 

Now my shirt—I LOVED. It came from an awesome shop on Etsy with some of the cutest tees, tanks, and Raglans I’ve ever seen. I’m not kidding. They are HYSTERICAL and ADORABLE. Do yourself ( or maybe a good friend) a favor,and go visit Sydney at the Fickle Fox. Her shirts are amazing and I can’t wait for my next one πŸ˜‰ 

I will be wearing this tank all summer for sure! It’s so soft and the print is so dang CUTE! Again, shop Here for some awesome tees for the family–you won’t be disappointed!  Check out one of my fav outfits below…. 
Shop @shop_ficklefox here ! ANd make sure to follow her on Instagram at @fickle_fox. 

Another fun freebie from Disney? Celebration pins! There are several to choose from, so tell them what you are celebrating, and those ticket booth peeps will hook you up. We made my husband wear his for a picture (but he promptly took it off out of embarrassment. And yes-now it’s all over the internet. ) 

Another hit at the park–our Mickey ears! I couldn’t believe the amount of people who said they loved our ears–workers included! One girl said–I have never seen ears like those–could you make me some??” I happily said yes–and wish I would have gotten her name. I so would have sent her a pair. Anybody HERE want a pair?? I’m thinking of doing a giveaway and including some fun ears for someone… 😬😬😬.. What do you think????

** Check out how to make these a few posts back!!!** 
One last must see—-the Castle. Get up close. It’s gorgeous and amazing and phenomenal and probably should be my home. ( I know -we all think that) 

Even more so, see it at night. And then wait–and see it at closing time when they do the light show/fireworks. I may or may not be telling the truth when I say it made me teary-eyed. I did not want to leave this beautiful place, and that show at the end just sealed it. It’s a must see and probably should be on every person’s bucket list..

One more tip for the road–bring your kiddos some gifts to give while you are at the park. I bought these lollipops at Dollar Tree before our trip, along with the keychains and gave them to the kids towards the end of the day when I thought they needed a boost. The suckers at Disney were $4.00 a piece y’all!!! Paying $1.00 and toting them for a while was so worth it. And the keychains? $1.00 at DT as well, and made a cute little gift for them to keep πŸ™‚ 

I also bought glow sticks and brought them for night time and they were a hit! Great buy when you consider those light things they sell there are $24.00!!!!!!! Gosh that is steep…  But any guess where I got ours?? DT again.. Score. 

**And if possible, visit the Disney Character Warehose in the Orlando Premium Outlets. The prices are UNREAL. They had hats for  $1.99, jewelry for $4.99, HUGE TOYS for $1.99, and even last years tee shirts for 99 CENTS. Are you joking me???? And while were at it–that whole outlet mall had AMAZING prices!!!! Shop there if you get a chance… its a few minutes from Disney and so worth your trip!!!! **

 So sad that all trips have to come to and end–so that being said–I ask that you take as many pictures as your family will allow! It’s hard to remember everything, so if you can freeze the moment-it’s now a forever memory. Try to capture every moment and enjoy the time you have at this amazing place!!!!! It’s a perfect family trip and worth every penny. If it’s possible, take your littles–or even do a couples trip to the happiest place on earth! I can’t say it enough–GO. GO. GO. 

Let me know what ideas/tips you have for Disney and make sure to Pin to Pinterest for later! 
All the love y’all πŸ’•πŸ’•

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Traveling with Toddlers – What you needΒ 

This family made our first trip to Disney– It should be about a 8 hour trip for us, but ended up being closer to 11 hours thanks to a detour… Thanks a lot roadwork. Appreciate it. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

 But with 2 boys under the age of 5, we HAD to keep them entertained on such a long trip. So I wanted to share a few tried and true travel methods to keep everyone in your vehicle sane! 

1. Coloring Items

I think this is kind of a given, but with littles, this is a huge distraction! I got these little felt boards and it kept my 5 year old busy off and on the whole trip down. And where did I buy this amazing item, you might ask? Dollar Tree. Beautiful, beautiful, Dollar tree. ( You will see a pattern throughout this post with the Dollar Tree theme. )    We were also gifted these cute little travel cases last week (Whew! Just in time) and they have been a life saver! On one side, they have a dry erase board, and on the other, is a tray with a cup holder! Whoever thought of this–kudos to you. πŸ‘πŸ» And why don’t we see these everywhere?? I have never seen anything like this before last week–but i am telling you–your family needs these. ASAP. Even now that we are back home, Ford is toting his around and playing with it. Winning.  ** I can’t find an exact match to what we have, but here is a Target “dupe”, if you will, that would work nicely as well. Click here To shop these travel cases

2. Gifts

Who doesn’t love presents??? Especially the little humans in the car. They have been looking forward to these gifts for a week now–and the anticipation factor is awesome on the car trip. Also-I couldn’t remember what I packed, so it was just as much a suprise for me too! Something about wrapping them in their own packages makes it that much more special πŸ™‚ They loved it and I kind of wish I would have packed enough for the car trip home too-Keep that in mind for your next trip y’all-presents both ways. 

3. Snacks

I’m talking snacks galore. We brought probably 20+food  items to choose from. We have dried fruit, candy, rice krispie’s, slim jims, nutter butters, grapes etc. Happy kids=Happy parents. Not gonna lie y’all, these came in handy for all the adults in the vehicle as well. Why does sitting in a car make you so hungry? 

4. DVD’s

The van we rented doesn’t have a DVD player, but we brought a handheld player and it does the job. In our personal vehicle, we have a DVD player and it is a lifesaver on our oh-so-frequent Ohio trips. Believe me-lifesaver.On this trip, one DVD to start the trip was enough! Might I add, this trip-the kiddos were AMAZING. So good. No tears. NO sadness. AMAZING. I would like to attribute some of this to our preparedness πŸ™‚ 

5. Projects for the kids

One of the boy’s gifts was a $1.00 lego police car kit. It was only 24 pieces and was a nice little project for me to do with him πŸ™‚ I got it at Dollar Tree, so if we happened to lose a piece, I wouldn’t be so devastated.  See here… Although the whole way through the project, Ford said, ” I DON’T want to lose any pieces. I DON’T.” So if lost pieces may pose a problem with your toddler-fair warning. Maybe  you should stay away from this project. Or maybe this would be a good project for when the kids are antsy at the condo! Either way, a $1.00 gift is totally worth it. Dollar tree for the win! 

 I also grabbed a 24 piece puzzle at Dollar Tree for the condo if we had some down time. I tried to keep everything Mickey themed as much as possible! 
Another gift I brought was this little Mickey travel book for my little guy–and he loved that the pen made the whole page different colors! Also-no need for mom to have to pick up dropped crayons the whole trip. #win. 

These are just a few travel tips I found helpful, and hopefully you will too! 

Let me know what you think and if you have any other helpful ideas, please put the in the comments! I would love to hear your ideas, as we are constantly taking little trips to Ohio and need all the help we can get πŸ™‚ 

Make sure to  Pin on Pinterest and subscribe to the blog y’all. 

All the love ❀️ 

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Kids have bad days too…. Β (short read)Β 

We all have bad days, right? I mean–don’t talk to me, I am in a bad mood days. Don’t you dare say that rude comment you want to say right now-because I will bust you days. Don’t even THINK to speak to me right now, or I might FLIP MY LID days. They happen. 

And then we have the days, where we are emotional wrecks. Sometimes, all we need to do is have a good ol’ fashion cry-it-out. Maybe we have a reason to be upset. Maybe we don’t. But as adults, we roll with it. If someone else is having “a day” as one of my old teachers used to call it, we can coddle them. Or we can take a step back and  give them their space. We just do. Its protocol. 

Now children on the other hand, are not allowed to have bad days. Or so most adults think. And this seriously KILLS ME! Kids are allowed to have terrible days too! It happens! They may not be able to relay EXACTLY how they are feeling to us, or what happened to put them in such an emotional state, but they do have bad days! 

Talking with a friend today reminded me of this. She said “One time a while back, you told me that kids can have bad days too..and I had never thought of that. Adults have bad days all the time, why can’t kids??!!” Next came her “Mind blown” gesture. 

 But really, I don’t think we let kids have bad days enough, and that slightly makes me feel bad as a Momma sometimes. We want our kiddos to be tiny model citizens–and that isn’t happening when they are having a meltdown in the aisle at Target. Or when the sweet little old lady says ” How are you doing handsome man ?” And all he can say back is “NO.” Cue my apologies “So sorry. We’re having a bad day.” 

I’ve learned that giving them those days are important-especially when papaw is wanting his high five and the kiddos won’t cooperate. “Just give them a little break. They aren’t having a good day.” Not that this is my excuse for them, but really—-sometimes they just arent’ having a great day! They haven’t had the training we as adults have had in controlling emotions. That is a trait learned over time and I think it’s something we all need to realize. It’s going to take time for them to get it! And at some point they will. This is why we don’t see grown men crying in the aisle over the mower they couldn’t buy that day. πŸ™ˆ

So for all you Mamas with teeny babies, just a reminder: They aren’t bad. It’s just a rough day. 

For all the older ones, whose kids have flown the coop, remember–Your kids had the same days. Cut those parents some slack!!! 

For all of you who dont’ have kids–Oh just wait. Your time is coming. πŸ™‚ 

So please, let’s try to understand these little humans big emotions and try to help them through them! It’s a learning process for us all. Keep this thought in mind and maybe next time the breakdown comes, we can take a step back and remember–It’s just a bad day!!!! 

Chin up buttercup 😘

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DIY Floral Minnie Ears

Its 5 days until this family leaves for Florida and I AM PUMPED. Our trip kind of came about out of nowhere-maybe about a month ago? I’m not sure, but I promise I  will fill you in on that later. For now, let’s get in Disney happy mode and make some fun Minnie Ears! 

I love to make things myself whenever possible, and I am so excited to share this DIY with you. You only need a few supplies and they are easily accessible at Hobby Lobby+Dollar Tree. One set of ears should cost you less than $2.50!!!!!

  • Wreath wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • Headbands
  • WireCutters 
  • Flowers
  • Jute Twine

The hot glue gun I had on hand, and Hubby had the wire cutters. I also ALWAYS keep a stash of jute twine and use it quite often! Grab some on your next Hobby Lobby trip, and it should last at least a year for little projects like this. 

 The other items were SO CHEAP and easy to find! I got the wire wreath at Hobby lobby. I think it was $3.49 and you can use a 40% off coupon found online or in the weekly ad. I usually just Google “hobby lobby coupon” while I’m standing in line. Works great for me every time!

I grabbed the 3 pack of headbands and flowers at Dollar Tree. Just pick out a few of your favorite flowers and roll with it! 

Ok now for the tutorial!

  • Grab your wreath wire and start forming into a circle. If you feel like yours is a little wonky, wrap your wire around a large cup or small bowl.  ( I made 3 different sets of ears and you will notice each ear has less loops. This one I wrapped 3 times. The second, I wrapped twice, and the third I wrapped once. I liked the one with 2 circles the best! ) 
  • Snip the wreath once you have it a good size. 
  • Hot glue the wire wreath circles together and let cool. Then put a bead of hot glue on the outside and wrap your jute twine around the circles. I did mine in three different places, just because I liked the earthy feel it gave πŸ™‚ 
  • Wrap the ends of jute twine in a knot for some extra security and snip any extra off. 

  • Now you need to attach your ears to the headband. Place them where you like and attach a large bead of glue to the headband. 
  • Hold the ears to the headband while the glue dries. This takes maybe about a minute or less. 

Next, I wrapped my glue spots up in jute twine. See below? It just covered the glue up a little better, and gave my ears some extra security! We can’t have any rogue ears, right?

By now, I am LOVING THE look and you could stop here if you please. Simple and Chic! 

Ok now the fun part–attaching flowers! I liked up peonies and hydrangeas (They are my all time favs) and a few little random branches you will see in the pics. 

  • I just started hot glueing from the outside-in. I put a flower on each side and then started working my way in. Glue at the base, and go crazy y’all!  

Voila! Now you have awesome ears πŸ™‚ 

Here are all 3 together–

Can you imagine how many different ways you could do this? Ivy around the ears, sunflowers, lilacs–the possibilities are endless! Let your little mind run wild and get creative girls.  All 3 took me less than an hour, and that was with a few blips along the way. (I made one set of ears insanely huge and had to cut them down. Yikes. ) 

I saw these selling on Etsy for $30.00 -so this is a HUGE money saver for your trip! It would also be a fun craft to do together if you have little girls in the family. Get creative together! 

Keep these in mind for your next Disney trip, and send me pics if you use this tutorial! 

Make sure to pin on Pinterest for later! 


To all the teenage girls…

I went to get my hair done today (for the second day in a row.. Ill save that story for later) and happened to be surrounded by teenage girls. Just being there for those few short hours made me remember-being a teenager is rough. Especially a teenage girl. SO many obstacles. SOOO many emotions. And I couldn’t help but feel bad for those girls! They all seemed so unhappy (or catty however you would like to say it) and it shouldn’t be that way! We are supposed to enjoy those teenage years right? 

Welllllll, I think we are supposed to to. But 99% of the time, that isn’t how it goes. Teenage girls are mean. And teenage boys are stupid. So girls, I need you to know a few things.

1. Boys are the worst

Ok, some of them are awesome–like OMG the one I have *Swoon*. But I want you to wait. I know when you are 16 and dealing with boys breaking your hearts already (which–whoa–slow down y’all) it’s so hard not to get down on yourself and every male. But they get better. WIth time. They get cuter and sweeter and so much more mature. So stay away from them for a while and …….see number 2. 

2. Enjoy time with your girls. 

Make friends-the true kind. Not the awful back stabbing ones….. You know the true ones. They aren’t bad mouthing other people to you. When I was 15-17, I was hanging out with all my girl friends every weekend. And every chance I got! I loved those people, and some of them ended up in my wedding πŸ™‚ I’m still friends with them today, and hope that continues forever!  

At one point in my life I had this toxic friend who always treated me bad–always–and I couldn’t see it! Everyone wanted to know why I hung out with her…. and I couldn’t understand why everyone didn’t love her. (Love is blind people) But she used me, and lied to me–ALOT. Now I know-stay away from those people. Even now, I have a select few that I confide in and one of those is my sister. If you don’t have a sister-get one. Ok maybe that isn’t doable–so you can just get in touch with me. K?

3. Make older friends

I have a few youngin’s who always come around and I LOVE IT. We meet for coffee+shopping dates and I get to give my words of wisdom. And I LOVE IT. I think they may keep me young. And I LOVE IT. You know who you are girls–and its about time for a coffee date, so come on over:)  Moral of the story: Find you someone who is a little older. Confide in them. Be with them. It will mature you and mor than likely-no crazy drama. *Side note-at what age or point in life did I become the old person to confide in?? *

4. Love your skin

It’s so hard to look around and all these models are stick thin and perfect teeth and hair blowing in the wind. That isn’t real and you need to love yourself now! Believe me, your almost 30 year old self is going to look back and say “Man I wish I appreciated the way I looked then.” Speaking from experience here y’all. You are perfect and beautiful and make so many people happy. And I ❀ you. Kiss Kiss. 

5. Bust social Media

 It messes with you. It messes with your mind to only see photo-shop perfection all the time. It messes with your soul to only see fake models with no cellulite and no frizzies all day err’ day. While we’re at it-unfollow all those mushy couples too. THEY AREN’T REAL. I guarantee you, those ones who try so hard to show perfection alllll the time-are the unhappiest. They have to justify their sad state with all these followers and likes–and behind the scenes, they are probably the most miserable. Now I know that some of them are genuinely happy–but learn the difference. And don’t you compare your life to ANYONE on social media. Everyone has a vice. Everyone gets sad. No one is perfect. Remember that! #idonttrustperfection

6. Enjoy it

Before you know it, the young days are over. PLEASE, I beg of you, enjoy it. Take it slow. Travel. Make true friends. Try not to gossip. Write someone a letter. Go visit your grandparents. Take mental pictures of the important moments. Get a journal. Read. Cuddle puppies. Show all the love. 

All the love for you girls.
 Please share with anyone who needs some love yall πŸ™‚ 

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Top 7 ways to save at Target

Dear Target, 

I can’t imagine life without you and need you to know how important you are to me. You keep me sane-and at the same time save my dough. Why is it that when I walk in your front doors, I am instantly at peace? Why are you the reason I want to stay living at this same house forever? Oh that’s right, you that dreamy store that just happens to be exactly 7 minutes away, and is the perfect getaway for any Momma  looking for a relaxing shopping experience with the tiny humans. Or maybe we just need a little “Me time”, and you know what? You are always there for us. Always. So here are the reasons I will continue to run to you for all my little needs and wants and sometimes guilty indulgences.

                                                                                                            Yours truly, 

                                                                                                             Smitten With Target 
Ok, Ok so you walked in on my ode to Target, but really, I don’t need to tell you it’s the most amazing place to shop. In fact, I love it so much, I want to share with you my TOP 7 reasons to continue to shop there-and it will be even cheaper than shopping at that not-so-dreamy rival store. So please, grab a glass of wine, throw your feet up, and soak in some important tips to saving money at Target! 

1. Redcard

Going through the checkout line, what’s the million dollar question? “Will you be paying with your Redcard today?” Thankfully, now I always say yes. And you should be saying yes too. You can choose to get either the credit or debit card-and every single purchase will immediately be an extra 5% off. It doesn’t seem like much in the beginning, but it adds up so quickly! I promise! Especially on your bigger purchases like TV’s, Game systems, patio furniture, etc. Just check the bottom of your receipt every purchase to see what you have saved. We chose to go with the debit card as it comes directly out of our account and no worries as to another bill.  Another thing-sometimes your Redcard will score you in-store freebies. One week last year, every day you shopped you got a free drink from the cafe. The next week, you got free popcorn-every trip.  It was a huge help shopping with the littles, and Target just gave me another reason to stop in and shop-Score! 

2. Cartwheel

Ok-this is another IMPORTANT list item. Cartwheel will quickly turn into one of your most used apps-and one that will save you the most money. Just download from your smartphone, sign in, and start saving. Each item in Carthweel will be marked 5-60% off. It’s awesome!!!!! Certain items each week will be marked down and it is ever changing! (Check every day, as some items will be a pretty hot buy and will only last a few days.) But a few you can almost always expect-are Market Pantry items (Target’s store brand). So scroll through all the items in the app, if you wish, and add what you think you will use. As a new user, you will get to pick 10 different items to get at the discount listed. The more you buy, the more items you will get to unlock and use. I am up to 50 now (which is the max) and it is a MAJOR help when shopping for groceries. 

So far, I have saved $293.00 just by using Cartwheel every Target trip! Another great part of the app is the barcode scanner. I scan every item in my cart to see if it will be any extra percent off-and really-most times there is! Last trip, I threw the dog food in the cart, then scanned the barcode to find out it was an extra 15% off! Huge help! I screenshot a few area of the app so you can see the setup.


When you are ready to check out, just click the cart at the bottom and show the cashier your barcode. Watch that price drop and do your happy dance girls. 

3. Coupons

I love to use my coupons at Target! Manufacturer coupons+Target coupons are STACKABLE guys! This makes for some seriously great deals throughout the store. You can also stack your coupons with Cartwheel offers-like-OMG all the heart eyes over here ya’ll.  Think about it Redcard+Carthwheel+Target coupons+Manufacturer coupons=Serious savings. 

4. Clearance. 

Ok here’s the scene. Date night with the husband. Dinner is over and HE wants to stroll Target. *Yes he is drool worthy*  We get in and I am just following like a little puppy at this point-just happy we are together and alone-and of course,  at  πŸŽ― . He is strolling aisles, but skipping ALL THE CLEARANCE ENDCAPS! No joke, after walking maybe 5 minutes, I go into panic mode and I frantically start saying, ” DALE-YOU ARE DOING THIS ALL WRONG. WE’RE SKIPPING ALL THE CLEARANCE. THERE IS A WHOLE SYSTEM TO WALKING THROUGH TARGET!!” He also happens to be a huge deal shopper and says ” Well I don’t come here enough! I don’t know what I’m doing. Where’s the clearance?!?” So we proceed to hit every clearance endcap in the store. And my heart sang a little. 

Moral of the story-Don’t skip the endcaps. They are full of super clearance jewels that will turn themselves into gifts for friends and family, party supplies, road trip snacks, etc. It’s a beautiful thing really. 

I also always hit the clothes clearance racks as they will be chock full of cheap buys for the entire family-and Oh so cute! So hit up the clearance racks ya’ll. It’s worth your time.  *Sometimes cartwheel does extra 20% off clearance clothes and shoes for the family so keep an eye out!* 

5. Gift Card Deals 

These are great deals for household items! Target runs deals all the time Buy 2-get a $5.00/$10.00 gift card. Or Buy three get a $20.00 gift card. One of my favorite ways to use this deal-Diapers. Target brand has some of my favorite diapers for the price.Combine  that with a gift card offer and we’re golden. Another fantastic deal with the gift card offer is toilet paper! Cottonelle is our favorite (I know-getting personal here) and you can use a Manufacturer coupon with the GC deal and score some serious savings. Keep your eyes peeled for these deals! 

6. Price Match

 Find a good deal online but don’t want to wait for shipping? Or notice Target’s price is a tad higher than other stores? Price match! Customer service will do this for you on a little device they keep up front. Just tell them where you saw the lower deal and they will price adjust. Find the complete list of price match stores HERE.

7. Dollar Spot

As soon you walk in the door, you will notice a little display of fun, cheap items for the whole family. It differs from month to month, but you may catch planner accessories, toys, beach items, seasonal gifts, household decor, and party items! The prices range from $1.00-$5.00 and make great gift closet items. Keep checking in as sometimes these items go on super clearance and I have seen them as low as 10 cents! Awesome deal !! 
There are so many ways to save your pennies by shopping at Target! Keep all these ideas in mind, and let me know what deals you find!  What is your favorite way to save at Target?